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Delta Rae play McGlohan Theater

Gallery: Delta Rae at McGlohan Theater

Though they formed in Durham, NC and partially live in Nashville, TN these days, Delta Rae’s Charlotte, NC performances always feel like a homecoming. The band always offers a stellar performance in instrumentation and vocal power. Singers Elizabeth Hopkins and Brittany Holljes quickly command attention with their vocal power and consistently look like they’re having a blast. From fan favorites to brand-new songs, the audience is always engaged in the show. Sonically, McGlohon Theater is one of the best in town for clarity and consistency. The only downside is not having the room or atmosphere for people to get up and have fun. While the band’s concerts often induce spontaneous dancing, The crowd on this night was content with sitting and listening. It didn’t dampen the band’s energy one bit. Don’t miss them the next time they’re in your town.

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