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Debone Breaks Down The Barriers of Musical Genres

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Debone is a breath of fresh air in a world full of cookie-cutter musical acts. Their sound is difficult if not impossible to describe; a true amalgam of nu-metal, metalcore, electronica, and just about everything in between. Their debut single “Visions” kicks off with an electronic, almost danceable groove before frontman Anaid Tanovic’s vocals turn to a soft whisper. Hold on to your hats, though, as things are about to go full throttle with searing guitars and a real metal feel. Accompanied by celestial images, the video for the single has an ethereal, experimental type vibe.

Enter their latest song, released just a few weeks ago, “The Adventures of Joe & Mr. Brownie,” a powerful track that really lets the rhythm section of drummer Christian Siria and Bass guitarist Joe Mateo shine. The song really packs a punch with a rap-rock beginning reminiscent of Papa Roach and when the keyboards of Tanovic kick in the track really takes on a life of its own. If these two songs are any indication, we can expect a lot more great music to come from Debone. 

Shutter 16 recently had the opportunity to chat with Anaid Tanovic and find out all the latest happenings with Debone. You can listen to the interview in full below. 

Debone is:

Anaid Tanovic- Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Chrisitan Siria- Drums

Joe Mateo- Bass 

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