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Day 2: Chevelle at the Ritz Raleigh in Raleigh, NC

Day 2: Chevelle at the Ritz Raleigh in Raleigh, NC

By Jessie Harris | Photos by Luke Jamroz

It’s only been a few months since Chevelle was at Carolina Rebellion in Charlotte, NC, but fans have been eagerly awaiting their return to a more intimate venue. Beginning first in Charlotte on Tuesday night and ending in Raleigh on Wednesday, fans finally had brothers Peter and Sam Loeffler and bassist Dean Bernardini at their fingertips again.

L.A. band Aeges opened the night with their loud and electrifying set. Playing heavy riffs and melodic tunes, the crowd sang along to their latest hit, “Weightless.”

Up next was 10 Years, hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee. They brought their post-grunge sound to Raleigh with a vengeance. Crowd favorites were “Wasteland” and “Novacaine” off their latest and eighth studio album titled, (how to live) AS GHOSTS.


The room was energetically looking forward to Chevelle as their funky set was brought to life a little after 9. A wild light show fell into place and weird props were placed throughout the stage, including a couple of extraterrestrial beings, strategically placed behind where Peter would come to stand.


Opening their 18 song set was the classic “Another Know It All” off 2004’s “This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In.)” With a hella grungy rhythm and riffs that could be felt from the floor, the crowd went wild. There was a good mix of lifer Chevelle fans, headbangers and moshers, both young and old.  Having broken into the alternative metal scene over 15 years ago, the band played songs from over 7 albums filled with chart toppers.

Newer tracks including “Joyride (Omen),” “Door to Door Cannibals” and “Young Wicked” went over well with the packed out Ritz. Despite the crowded room, fans made room to express themselves. What seemed at first to be a tiny mosh pit to the right of the stage grew with veracity as the night continued.


Even though negative connotations sometimes surround those associated with mosh pits or heavier music, in general, every single person I saw in the pit had a smile on their face as they sang along with Peter and they showed their love for Chevelle with unity. I even saw new friends helping each other up if they fell to the floor. There wasn’t any hate or animosity, but only a spirit of camaraderie and mutual affection for the band and music. This is so important in the times we are living in and something that shouldn’t be looked over. Music is a bonding force and a force for good given the chance, even though that is forgotten from time to time.


Ending the night with a two song encore, Chevelle returned with their hugely successful hit “The Red” from 2002, along with correlating mood lighting. Starting out with a stripped down version and coming in heavy with the second chorus, the room went loud with roars of approval. Ending the evening with “Send the Pain Below” was nothing short of memorable.


I’m not sure I’ve witnessed a more consistently solid band in a long time. The effortless screams of Peter and the angsty eye rolls are nothing short of phenomenal to witness. I’m sure this band will be around for awhile and you should do yourself a service and catch them while you can.

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