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Day 1: Vans Warped Tour Says Farewell to Atlantic City, NJ

Vans Warped Tour 25th Anniversary 

It’s summertime and you know what that means, right? Vans Warped Tour is back! This time for its 25th and final year. The longest running tour in history is back, but this time for three weekends only. The already finished Ohio Warped, Atlantic City, and California.

I found myself at the Atlantic City stop of Warped Tour, not in a venue but even better! On the beach!

Fans of all ages invaded the Atlantic City Boardwalk to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Warped Tour and sadly the final year according to the tours founder Kevin Lyman

Kevin Lyman

Growing up, Warped was what you looked forward to all year long; that summertime festival which brought you so many upcoming and well established bands and artists all on one line-up. Then in college it offered a break from the “real world” and test taking to let loose with your group of friends and just be free. Now even those in their late 20’s and 30’s look forward to escaping their day job and listen to some killer tunes from bands past and present. 

skate ramp 5

Through the years Warped Tour has never let us down. It’s offered continuous glimpses into the legends and future of the skate, punk, hardrock and metal core scene. For the most part if you love a band, you probably discovered them at Warped.

Music fans and artists of all genres owe it to Kevin Lyman, everyone from Eminem and Halsey to Motionless in White and Blink 182 have graced the Warped stage at one time or another. Lyman’s dedication to the scene is responsible for many careers and experiences.

skate ramp 3

This year, like years past, New Jersey fans were treated to a heavy hitting line up featuring nostalgia, the future of music and a ton of motocross, BMX, skating and even wrestling along with some amazing food, drink vendors and clothing brands. The 2019 Vans Warped Tour featured 4 stages The Blackcraft Stage, The Full Sail stage, The Monster Energy Stage and The Vans “Off The Wall” Stage. 

Eyes Set To Kill 8_

Day 1 bands included A Day To Remember, Travie Mccoy of Gym Class Heroes, Save Ferris, Deadly Apples, Eyes Set To Kill, Less Than Jake, Glassjaw, Andrew W.K., CKY, Simple Plan, Hidden In Plain View, Good Charlotte, Wage War, Bad Religion, 311, Set Your Goals, and many more!

Eyes Set To Kill 10

The day kicked off at 12 noon as fans lined the Atlantic City Boardwalk in all directions and made their way onto the sand. Kevin Lyman began the day by thanking fans for their support, reminding them to take care of each other and introducing the kickoff act Save Ferris. 

Good Charlotte 3_

Warped Tour is unlike any other festival. It’s brutal, long, hot and not for the faint of heart but rather the dedicated music lover. Nearly 30,000 attendees got their tan on, listened to killer music, jumped in the ocean and watched bmx and skating on a vert ramp. 

The 91 degree heat did bring some storms that disrupted Atmosphere‘s set and caused an almost two hour delay as the beach had to be evacuated. When the thunder and lightning passed fans made their way back to the sand for the rest of the line up with consisted of Good Charlotte, Bad Religion, 311, and A Day To Remember

Our favorite performers of the day:

Save Ferris: Save Ferris was the perfect start to the day, the ska-punk band formed in 1995 in Orange County, California. Their name is a reference to the 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Led by frontwoman Monique Powell, Save Ferris brings comedy with a blend of sultry sexiness to any stage they hit, Powell is a firecracker on stage and fans had a hard time not singing and dancing along to the SoCal Punks. 

save ferris 3

save ferris 8

Travie Mccoy: Travie you might know from his other widely successful project and the band that put him on the map Gym Class Heroes. What I love about Mccoy is he doesn’t take himself to serious and he’s always smiling on stage. All the years of success haven’t changed him, he just loves playing music. From the very first note of the Gym Class Heroes hit  “Cupid’s Chokehold” & “Stereo Hearts”, to his solo hit single “Billionaire” fans were singing along in the mid afternoon sun, Travie strutted across the stage smiling away as he thanked Kevin Lyman and The Warped Tour crowd for all their love and support. I also have to note he sounded fantastic live.

Travie Mccoy 1
Travie Mccoy 6

Simple Plan: The Warped Tour veterans put on a hell of a show even still in 2019 and the crowd loved them. This was definitely one of the most nostalgic performances of day 1, and I won’t lie these guys were my jam in highschool before metal entered my life. Hearing classic tracks like “I’d Do Anything”, “Addicted” and “Perfect” with thousands of fans echoing the lyrics in the open beach air was, well, pretty amazing. Aside from the fact these guy’s still look twenty, they sound like it too. I couldn’t believe after all these years they still have it. 

Simple Plan 11

Simple Plan 15_

simple plan 17_

Simple Plan 14

Simple Plan 9
Andrew W.K.: When I think party, I think this guy. Andrew W.K. brought the party to Warped Tour, laughing, smacking himself in the head and head banging on a keyboard are only things this man could accomplish. The all white dressed party animal would play keys while storing a microphone down his pants to stomping around the stage matching the thump of the base, I think he even had a circle pit during his hit “Party Hard” which he actually started by counting down from 93 seconds and the fans counted along. 

Andrew W.K 5_

Andrew W.K 2

Andrew W.K 1_
Good Charlotte: Could you really have a final Warped tour without Good Charlotte? I think not. After a nearly two hour delay due to Thunderstorms Benji and Joel Madden took to the stage for one last time at Warped. The brothers dressed in all black and sunglasses ignoring the 90 degree weather. Fans were quite excited to see them, as almost immediately at the first note crowd surfers began pouring over the barricade. The guy’s brought the fan favorites and aimed to please with hits like “The Anthem”, “Girls & Boys”, “Little Things” and “Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous”

Good Charlotte 5_

Good Charlotte 9

Good Charlotte 14

Overall day 1 of Vans Warped Tour was great, not without a few hiccups in the form of mother nature but I survived and that’s what counts. At this point I was tired, sunburnt and delusional but the sadness began to set in that there was only 1 more day of Warped left, and boy was it gonna go out with a bang.

Stay tuned for Vans Warped Tour Atlantic City Day 2.

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