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DANZIG Pays Homage To “The King” with New Album DANZIG Sings ELVIS

It’s no secret that punk rock icon Glenn Danzig is a man of many talents. He is a gifted singer, songwriter, musician, and producer and is the founder of American punk rock band the Misfits, the band responsible for introducing the horror punk genre to the masses. Let’s not forget the band Samhain and his namesake band, Danzig, which further cemented his storied career in the annals of rock history. His musical accomplishments don’t stop there as Danzig has released eleven albums and twenty-eight singles and has written songs for legendary acts like Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison. He also is the owner of his own record label Evilive and has his own adult-oriented comic book publishing company, Verotik. 

This time out, DANZIG delves into a whole new musical chapter by tackling the music of one of his biggest influences, Elvis Presley. Yes, you read that correctly, Elvis. Since most fans are used to hearing DANZIG sing iconic songs like the Misfits’ classic “Die, Die My Darling” or his hit single “Mother,” this may come as a bit of a surprise. But, DANZIG has stated in interviews that Elvis Presley was what got him into music and after watching “Jailhouse Rock,” he decided that’s what he wanted to do. As far as rock heroes go, I can honestly think of no one better than The King himself.

DANZIG Sings ELVIS is a wonderfully done selection of not only Elvis classics but some of The King’s lesser-known tunes as well. The record kicks off with “Is It Strange” and from the very first notes, it becomes clear that DANZIG was made to sing these songs. The comparison between his voice and that of Elvis is spot on as both have a nice baritone with a tenor range that is simply well, not to sound cliche, but, music to my ears. The simplicity of the songs allows you to hear DANZIG’s voice like never before and discover his true soulful side. It’s really that soulful voice that resonates throughout each and every song, an exercise in control, never overpowering but full of richness in tone. The fun-loving “Baby Let’s Play House” is a joyful ride while “Fever” has all the built-up angst finally letting loose. DANZIG is right at home with the bluesy rock of “When It Rains It Really Pours” and you can’t help feeling all the feels during “Always On My Mind.” There are also songs that will make you want to grab that special someone and dance real close like “Loving Arms” and “Like A Baby.” One of my favorite songs on the album is “Pocket Full of Rainbows,” a lilting melody with a rhythmic bounce that plays well with the vocal stylings. Closing out the record is “Young and Beautiful,” which is both elegant and poignant and a perfect way to cap things off. 

It’s not easy to sing Elvis songs and it’s even harder to sing them in a way that respects the original versions without sounding like a copycat or an Elvis impersonator.  DANZIG has outdone himself on this one, allowing his own tone to shine through with exceptional highs and deep lows that oscillate around the music and draw you deeper into the songs themselves. Treat yourself to something a little different and check out DANZIG Sings ELVIS today.


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