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Dancing In The Rain: The Voodoo Threauxdown Tour with Trombone Shorty

Dancing In The Rain: The Voodoo Threauxdown Tour with Trombone Shorty and the New Orleans Avenue in NC

New Orleans trumpeter/trombonist/singer/producer Trombone Shorty, a.k.a Troy Andrews and the New Orleans Avenue, graced the Raleigh area Saturday night at the North Carolina Museum of Art as a part of his Voodoo Threauxdown tour, sponsored by Southern Comfort. The tour is in special celebration of New Orleans 300th birthday, and brought along guests Galactic, Preservation Hall Jazz Band and New Breed Brass Band for some extra soul. The show was originally sold out not long after tickets went on sale, but luckily this past week the venue released additional tickets so more fans were able to attend last minute. Trombone Shorty has worked with numerous artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Jeff Beck and Raphael Saadiq, recently releasing his newest album Parking Lot Symphony on Blue Note Records.

Trombone Shorty

You can expect the trumpet guy to be funky, and of course his songs (collaborative or not) are twisting with a mix of jazz, hip-hop  and New Orleans flair. His debut album, Backatown, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Contemporary Jazz album. Since then he’s followed up with two additional albums, For True and Say That To This. It’s been a few years between albums for him but he’s been touring all over the place. The last show I tried to attend sold out fast. Quite similar to the same situation here in Raleigh this time. But as luck would have it I got to have a front row seat to the show this time.

Trombone Shorty

Now NC weather is all over the place. Super rainy one second, hot and muggy as hell the next. Unfortunately we’re getting a heavy rain period so I was forced to sit in my car when I first reached the venue because of the downpour. I saw people running for cover and some chose to wait it out in their cars too. Due to the terrible weather Preservation Hall and New Breed only got to do two songs before it was a wrap to the crowd’s dismay.


Then came the thunder and lightning. Again, everything was shut down, this time possibly for good. For my poor camera’s sake I retreated to my car again and hoped for the best. At this point, the main building had been cleared except for staff and some concert goers were starting to complain that NC Museum of Art was “overreacting” and “just trying to get donations without doing the show.”  That was not the case at all. Being that it’s an outdoor venue, the lightning was becoming a safety issue with the back to back storms but clearly Trombone has some loyal fans because people weren’t even trying to hear it.


We all huddled under tents, tarps, building ledges or those smart enough to bring rain gear stuck to their moistened lawn chairs and wet concrete seats to await the final word. Finally at almost 8pm, the lights on the stage started to flicker and the crowd screamed in excitement. Could it be? Was the show finally moving forward?! After a few minutes a venue employee thanked everyone and announced that Trombone Shorty would be coming on momentarily and would try to play as long as the rain would allow. Which meant other act Galactic would unfortunately have to be bumped. The crowd didn’t blink an eye and started moving towards the front of the amphitheater in anticipation. True to their word, in a few minutes, the stage was saturated with red light, the smoke machines blew and the band took the stage. At the front of the stage: millennials, middle-aged bffs, a group of guys of all age ranges, even a mom with her young sons that jumped up and down eagerly.


Let’s skip to the best part, the actual performance part of the show. Trombone doesn’t waste any time, he jumps right in full of energy. Lest you forget, Trombone doesn’t just play the stereotypical jazz most will think of. It’s not laid back grooves, it’s brass, it’s guitar shredding, it’s sweat- dripping dance music. It’s not just instrumentals either. There’s the track “On Your Way Down” off Backatown, performed with gusto and some amazing back up singers and lyrics like


“The same people you misuse on your way up/
You might meet on your way down/
You think the sun rise and set for you
The same sun rise, set, and shine on the poor folks too.”  


You don’t even remember that hey, this dude is a trumpet player not a singer until after the fact because, uh, yeah ,Trombone can get busy vocally as well! He’s clearly worked on his vocals and kudos to him for it.  Another crowd favorite was “Craziest Thing”, an upbeat ode to the craziness we do for that special someone. I was disappointed in Mother Nature having to have her way but Trombone kept performing, even in the rain and it was epic. Eventually of course the downpour began again but he and his band had us dancing in the rain as long as we could. It was a great time and I’ll cross my fingers for good weather for when you purchase your tickets here for the next stop on the tour! Hurry because dates are selling out fast!


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Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue


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Cincinnati, OH – PNC PAVILION
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SEP 19
Wed 7:00p
Phoenix, AZ – Comerica Theatre
Voodoo Threauxdown Featuring: Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue


OCT 20
Sat 6:00p
New Orleans, LA – Bold Sphere Music at Champions Square
Q93 presents Trombone Shorty’s Hometown Threauxdown w/ Special Guests


JAN 18
Fri 8:00p
Tucson, AZ – Centennial Hall
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue

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