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Damn The Witch Siren’s Radio Room rendezvous

Damn The Witch Siren’s Radio Room rendezvous

Damn The Witch Siren brought their unique brand of self styled “witch rock” to The Radio Room  Saturday night, and in a display of incredible live performance skills, beguiled everyone in attendance with an incredible rock n’ roll energy greater than one would expect from an electronica based band.

“We have a real rock n’ roll feel to our live performances too,” Bobbi Kitten, Damn The Witch Siren’s lead singer, multi instrumentalist, and co-songwriter (with partner Z Wolf) told me with a sly smile as we chatted before the show about DTWS’s sound; truth be told, it captivated me when I first heard it. I admitted to Bobbi that I really wasn’t a big fan of electronica or pop (something I’ve decided that DTWS is definitely NOT because their songwriting is just too good to be “pop”), but that I really loved their sound because it, quite simply, rocks. It’s the at times racing, at times pounding, but always fervently organic rock n roll backbeat that underscores all of their compositions that really boils the cauldron that their witch rock stews in.

“We recently released our album Red Magic, which we’re really proud of. It’s kinda sexy, if you hadn’t noticed!” related Bobbi from the stage during their set, this time with a beamingly beautiful and proud, yet still slightly sly, smile. With songs like set (and album) opener “Sex U Up,” and “Feelin’ Myself,” Red Magic is definitely a sexy sounding album. It’s more than just a soundtrack to a hormone fueled dance party though. The songwriting is some of the duo’s best yet, and there are some truly poignant moments on the album.

Songs like “I Don’t Wanna Say I’m Sorry” (which to my dismay they left out of their set), and “The Fire, The Flame” (which simply smoldered live) transcend the “witch rock” label and cross into almost classic singer/songwriter territory. Just like the album blurs the lines between electronica, rock, and singer/songwriter genres creating a universally genreless masterpiece of sound, DTWS’s performance blurred the lines between perceived sexual boundaries and restrictions, both gender and orientation based.

The sexiness of Bobbi’s performance, where she dove into the crowd to dance with both men and women, was a celebratory exposition of the joy of consensual sensuality and sexuality that is the common life affirming experience shared by human beings of all genders and orientations. In short, underneath all of Bobbi’s dancing and vamping, and DTWS sexy sounds, is a boundless celebration of the most basic experience, expression, and magic of being alive and not just being sexy. This celebration comes through most powerfully in their live performance and is a joy to behold.

Damn The Witch Siren’s set was the living heart of the night’s entertainment, and was metaphorically represented by Bobbi and Z Wolf’s mutual banging of the ritual drum, in this case in the form of an upright bass drum, during the middle of “Forever Young.” The song, like the two’s wild, yet perfectly rhythmic performance on the bass signified the beating organic heart that drives their music laid bare in a live setting. It was a phenomenal moment and was the central highlight of the entire night.

Bookending Damn The Witch Siren’s set were local Greenville acts Tom Angst and Fabric.

Fabric opened the show with his darkwave ambient sounds that recalled Lustmord. The innovative sounds he created at times balanced upon the edge of devolving into a pure maelstrom of noise, but never did as he managed to keep a discernible rhythm and theme throughout the performance.

Tom Angst closed out the evening by supplying the crowd with a melodic and moderate break that brought the crowd back to earth while continuing, in their own beautiful way, of affirming the glory of life, especially with their anti-suicide song “Suicide Sucks” off their 2017 EP.


All in all, the Damn The Witch Siren, Tom Angst, Fabric show was yet another phenomenal genre bending show at The Radio Room. Music of such varying sound and genre, that is nevertheless thematically and spiritually akin to each other, can really make for not only a fun night out, but a great celebration of being alive that crosses expectations and boundaries, and therein lies the true magic of music.

Icon photo courtesy Damn The Witch Siren’s Facebook Page

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