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Daley Gives Raleigh A Night of R&B With His Spectrum Tour

Daley Gives Raleigh A Night of R&B With His Spectrum Tour

Sol Kitchen is known for putting together the kind of shows you want to be at and last night was no exception for them. Together with Motorco Music Hall they brought the goodness that is Daley’s Spectrum Tour to Raleigh.

The British singer originally made his mark on the music world and on my playlist with his 2011 mixtape Those Who Wait. It was the stand out track “Alone Together” with fellow Brit songstress Marsha Ambrosius of Floetry that let everyone in the R&B world know that Daley was a talent not to be taken lightly. Every song was brilliant.  His work is full of emotive lyrics and beautiful harmonies that have become synonymous with his name. Now with Spectrum, his second full length release out now, Daley is touring the U.S. so we can have the pleasure of basking in his falsetto glory.


Tour mate and opening act Tiffany Gouche hit the stage first. She wasted no time, in with her track “On The Up,” a self-produced declaration of her inevitable music takeover off her Pillow Talk EP.  She’s already worked with artists like Solange and Lauryn Hill so her statement isn’t far fetched by any means. Let me warn you though: this is a grown woman, giving you grown folks soul with edgy production and biting lyrics. Her voice is honeyed, all warmth and rich in tone. You believe her when she tells you her girlfriend “doesn’t have to say a word. I already know the lyrics.” Hers is a sultry body of work with a definite hip hop influence. It makes you reminisce on late 90s R&B when artists sung what is affectionately known as “baby-making music,” particularly with tracks like “Dive.” “Travel Behavior” had this cool reggae vibe and with the catchy hook we were all dancing as she told us about searching for love while touring on the road. What you don’t expect is how hilarious she is. Between songs Gouche had the audience cracking up with her easy way of teasing and jokes. She’s so engaging and down-to-earth it felt like we were all old friends just vibing, rather than at a concert. So much so, the crowd lamented her having to leave the stage after only a few songs. Her set was not nearly long enough of an introduction for me.

After a short intermission, it was finally Daley’s turn to send us all to falsetto heaven. Walking out with his spectrum colored umbrella in hand and signature sunglasses, he was the epitome of quiet cool. He started us off with songs from his new release: Selfish, Temple and Slow Burn. Temple reminded me of vaguely of Prince, another quiet and unassuming crooner much like Daley himself. Daley’s voice is so clear and vibrant. I don’t think the man has ever sung a bad or pitchy tune in his young life. As a singer he is just amazingly talented and on stage he is as sweet and humble as your kid brother. Not that one, the good one.


The clear highlight of the night was when he performed “Second to None,” and lead into a medley of classic R&B hits like SWV’s “Rain,” Jon B’s “They Don’t Know,” and Joe’s “I Wanna Know.” As soon as the first notes of “Rain” became familiar the crowd began hollering with excitement. I almost dropped my camera because I instinctively put my hands in the air and started singing. Singing together with the crowd, it was a moment of unbridled joy and heartfelt revelry for a genre he described as meaning so much to him. Right then he was no longer Daley the singer, and we were no longer just his fans. We were all just music lovers wrapped up in a moment he so wonderfully provided us. At that point I figured it couldn’t get any better. Then Daley sung his newest single with Philly’s finest Jill Scott “Until The Pain Is Gone” that blended into a gorgeous rendition of the late George Michael’s “Careless Whispers.” This man KNOWS how to put on a show.  He ended the night in fantastic fashion, with the songs he is most known for: “Look Up,” “Alone Together” and “True.” Having played these songs myself million times I can say, hearing them live made me love them even more if that’s remotely possible. With Alone’s lyrics telling you “you’re the perfect plan I never thought of,” it’s the perfect song about tragic love redeemed. This show was one of the best I’ve attended in a while so do yourself a solid and be sure to check out the Spectrum Tour when it comes to your town.

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