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Craig Ferguson Brings His New Deal To The Paramount

Craig Ferguson Brings His New Deal To The Paramount 

Laughter is the best medicine and Craig Ferguson has been prescribing it to so many for over twenty-five years. He is not only well known for his comedy and being a beloved talk show host on The Late Late Show for ten years, but he is also an actor, writer of books and film, and a musician. In May of last year, Ferguson performed sixty stand-up shows across North America and, to the delight of his East Coast fans, he is continuing The New Deal Tour this summer. He has several dates in the region and a return to Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival, which will be filmed for a new Netflix special. He made a stop at The Paramount in Huntington, NY to perform for a sold out show. Fans of all ages filled the venue till there was not one seat left unattended and chatter filled the room as they conversed about how they first became fans.


Just as the show was about to start, Ferguson announced his opening act from behind the curtain. Joining him on this tour is his friend and long time associate, Joseph Bolter. Ferguson, already garnering laughter, came out from behind the curtain, excused his casual outfit, and gave a proper introduction to his friend which concluded with the question, “Bolter, are you circumcised?” Ferguson laughed and shook Bolter’s hand before handing him the microphone, and he continued where Ferguson left off, “Yes I am circumcised!”

Continuing on, he shared that he is Jewish and had hoped the Rabbi was also a surgeon, but he was not and that made for a funny scenario. He was grateful to Ferguson for bringing him on this tour explaining to the audience that he is new to stand-up. He then had them laughing hysterically as he compared himself to being the uninvited guest at the party, after all they were all really there to see Ferguson. He had a solid fifteen-minute set and he surely gained new fans to his stand-up comedy as they laughed the whole time.

As Bolter ended his set and walked backstage, the stage lighting changed from blue to red and the venue remained dark. Within minutes a spotlight glowed on the microphone stand and out walked Ferguson, now dressed in a button down shirt, jeans and a dress jacket, cheering erupted and a huge smile took over his face. He was fully animated from the moment he came out, moving about the stage, at one point saying it’s harder to hit a moving target.


Currently sporting a beard, he made that a topic of discussion; while there were a few boos, there were many more cheers of approval from his fans this night. He said his son likes his beard because he looks like a magician, but that is not necessarily a good thing. Ferguson is not a fan of magicians, so this led into him explaining how it came to be that he had an annual magician week on The Late Late Show. What a funny story all in its own.


He had the audience laughing nonstop with his brand of observational comedy and had no problem poking fun at himself and his own personal experiences in life. Now fifty-five and living the clean life, including no meat or dairy, attributing that to living in Los Angeles, he shows no signs of slowing down. You can catch him doing what he does best on The Craig Ferguson Show, a two-hour talk show he has on SiriusXM Satellite Radio or on the History Channel’s Join Or Die With Craig Ferguson. And with a few remaining stand-up comedy tour dates, definitely catch him live if you can, you will be so happy that you did.


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