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Controlled Chaos with Nonpoint

Controlled Chaos with Nonpoint

With their tenth album, appropriately titled X, freshly released, veteran rockers Nonpoint brought their Chaos and Earthquakes Tour to The Underground at The Fillmore Charlotte on September 18, 2018. With He Is Legend and Letters From the Fire in tow, it presented a perfect opportunity after the real chaos of Hurricane Florence. While the Charlotte area was spared the worst I had bit of cabin fever after riding out the storm and was ready to rock out.

First, local favorites Something Clever took to the stage. Their blend of hard rock and metal is suitably heavy, but also catchy and melodic. Always entertaining live, they blasted through several fan favorites and their latest single, “The Hill”, before closing with their signature track, “Freaks Like You”.

Something Clever - 08

Something Clever - 13

Something Clever - 14

Something Clever - 16

Something Clever - 19

Something Clever - 02

Letters From the Fire also blends catchy with heavy. Vocalist Nina Bergman leans closer to a pop style than you typically hear in a hard rock band. An interesting juxtaposition with the chugging riffs and should please fans of clean vocals. Mostly sticking to their most recent, self-titled album, they did throw in a cover of The Cure’s “Love Song” which meant this was the second tour in a row that I’ve heard that song covered. I can’t call it a trend since 311 originally released their variant in 2004, but still, kind of an odd coincidence.

Letters From The Fire - 03

Letters From The Fire - 01

Letters From The Fire - 08

Letters From The Fire - 10

Letters From The Fire - 13

Letters From The Fire - 16

Next up was He Is Legend. A quintet from Wilmington, NC they skewed a little darker than the previous bands, incorporating some sludge and psychedelic elements into their mix of hard rock. Darker visually as well, as the lighting during their set made it difficult to see them at times, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Some scattered moshing throughout the evening, but the first full scale pit got underway a few songs into their performance.


He Is Legend - 16

He Is Legend - 02

He Is Legend - 01

Passion and energy are two words that get tossed around when speaking of musical artists, but I don’t feel they would be cliché when referring to Nonpoint. They put on a terrific live show without the need of gimmicks that would distract from the music. Simply a straightforward, all out, performance that showcases that passion and energy.

Starting with the opening track from the aforementioned X, “Empty Batteries”, the band launched into a sampler of their catalog. With tracks pulled from seven albums it was great example of how a group can maintain consistency while still evolving musically. “Chaos and Earthquakes” was the standout for me, as I think it shows them at their best.

Singer Elias Soriano spitting out rapid-fire topically relevant lyrics, while guitarists B.C. Kochmit and Rasheed Thomas keep things moving. All on top of a solid rhythm section of bassist Adam Woloszyn and drummer Robb Rivera.

Nonpoint - 06

Nonpoint - 09

Nonpoint - 13

Nonpoint - 14

Nonpoint - 04

Nonpoint - 15

Nonpoint - 18

Nonpoint - 13

Overall a solid night. Only a few dates left on this tour, but if you’re a fan of  hard rock, at least one, if not all of these artists should be suitable to your tastes. Make sure to catch them at their next performance near you and rock on.

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Remaining tour dates:

Sep 19 The Cowan Nashville, TN

Sep 20 The Blue Note Harrison, OH

Sep 21 Diesel Concert Lounge Detroit, MI

Sep 22 Bottom Lounge Chicago, IL

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