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Concentrated Power with Hatebreed

Hatebreed, Dying Fetus, Code Orange, and Twitching Tongues at Arizona Pete’s in Greensboro, NC

Certain terms can sometimes be overused. For instance, when talking music and when discussing certain bands the word “legendary” can be overused. Certainly one’s opinion is just that and I would never debate that status to someone who thinks a band is legendary to them. However in some cases their is no debate. Hatebreed are a legendary band in the hardcore and heavy music scene. Not simply because they have been releasing music since the mid 90’s, but because they have connected with fans and fellow musicians alike as they have helped shaped the scene through the 2000’s and to this day continue to do so. Out on tour now with a focus on their two earliest full album releases the band are celebrating the 20 years of Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire and the 15 years of Perseverance. The tour itself is a celebration of not just the albums but what the band has built overall and the fans have been showing up just as they did on this Monday night in Greensboro.


In addition to the killer sets, Hatebreed have brought along some killer opening acts for this tour. The first opener for this stop was Twitching Tongues and with the first guitar lick immediately opened the pit to whatever this version of today’s moshing/hardcore dancing is. (Side note: I never understood the point of hard core dancing but to each their own, and honestly it makes getting across from one end of the floor to the other much easier as the space opens.)


Interestingly enough former Hatebreed guitarist Sean Martin is a current member of Twitching Tongues and this was not the only time he graced the stage to perform as he was to return later to perform as the second special guest to the Hatebreed set. With a relatively short set  but with a ton of aggression, Twitching Tongues effectively set the tone for the rest of the night.


Which brings us to Code Orange. If you have not heard the recently grammy nominated band’s newest album Forever, get to it. The unique blend of hard core and metal that they are producing has an energy and pace that drives their album and stage presence with franticness that has personally grabbed me in a way few heavy music acts have in quite some time.


As this is my first time catching Code Orange the somewhat unknown of their live set left me eager to see how they translated their album to a stage show but all fears were cast aside as they immediately tore into the set simply crushing ear drums and stomping over the stage with authority. The hybrid nature of their sound may not be what die hard fans of Hatebreed were expecting but if they are fans of heavy music, you can guarantee that if Code Orange were new to them they likely left a fan.  


The third band of the night was long time death metal band Dying Fetus. I personally had not seen any of the bands on the bill perform and Dying Fetus was the band I had never heard at all in spite of their long career. The relentless ferocity and technical precision that these guys perform with is captivating. Seemingly effortlessly each band member shreds through their songs crushing everyone in the room.


It was a pleasure to watch the ease in which each member master their instrument and control the crowd through their performance.


As excitement grew for the evening’s headliners, things took a bit of a pause as their seemed to be an issue with the sound forcing a delay to the advertised start time of Hatebreed’s set. However, that quickly was forgotten as the band took the stage and quickly tore through the first couple of songs. With the night and tour being a celebration of the band it was amazing to see them joined onstage by fan and fellow musician Randy Blythe (lead singer for metal act Lamb of God) who came flying onto the stage to join them on their song “Doomsayer.”


At this point the crowd really did break loose and just when you thought the energy had peaked it found a way to rise another level. As the night had progressed to this point the aggression evident on stage and in the crowd seemed on par with any heavy show where pit participants and everyone in the crowd generally seemed to be showing respect for each other and in general having a good time. But for some reason now that Hatebreed was on stage some people decided it was time to fight.


With a pause to address the crowd singer Jamey Jasta quickly addressed the situation stating that participants would be immediately ejected and that they would not think twice about shortening their set. Able to resume, the band picked up right where they left off and continued but unfortunately fights continued. Eventually the band did play their final song and it was one of if not THE one that many were there to see. “I Will Be Heard” is the song that many think of when they think of Hatebreed and so, it was a perfect closer no matter how unfortunate that the set was shortened and with no encores.

Overall this was a stellar lineup of music and everyone involved from the bands to the staff on site did a great job of keeping the show going. In the end I don’t believe that anyone left disappointed with the night as each act was stellar and even the shortened set from Hatebreed was concentrated power.


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