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Come warm up at The Evening Muse

Preview: Shows to experience at The Evening Muse

Not to be confused for just a venue having amazing acoustics, The Evening Muse has a bighearted staff consisting of influential community heads and musicians, a cool stage and abeyance, as well as more than just acoustic shows. On top of beautiful acoustic sets, we’ve experienced punk, ska, and even metal performances. The 2018 calendar is jam packed with killer shows. Here are a few we are hoping you can catch!

1/19 – Quentin Talley and the Soul Providers

We met Quentin Talley ages ago on the artists circuit. We’ve photographed him winning awards and watched him speak to many about some great non-profit organizations helping people in town. We’ve run into him at many art galleries and the best Galas. He always meets you with a hug and a warm smile. Well spoken, a sharp dresser and, most importantly, he oozes talent. Natural talent. It’s not surprising when he holds suchs titles as poet, actor, director, and producer. He is the inaugural recipient of the 2012 Leadership Fellowship for emerging theater professionals, administered by Theater Communications Group and funded by The Andrew Mellon Foundation. Along with a group of talented musicians, it’s time to get out see them perform in the flesh.

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1/31 The Winter Sounds with Belle Adair, Josh Taerk

It was mid 2000s when we walked into a dimly lit venue and were met with the mystical sounds of The Winter Sounds (triple layered honeycombs of lush lyrical heavy music). After their heart clenching set I stood next to the building while they loaded out their gear and I told the Nashville based vocalist Patrick Keenan I was sure in 10+ years I’d still love their sound and would still attend their shows. I got a short giggle and a “Let’s hope!” Well… here we are… their fourth full-length album, MAXIMUM REALITY, just came out last Friday (January 12th, 2018) on record label Logica Sonica and they are set to play our town. This is a show of nostalgia, talent, and longevity. Worth every cent.

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2/16 Elonzo Wesley Live CD Recording! With Yes Ma’am

Another artist we’ve seen around town for over a decade now is the extremely talented Elonzo Wesley, mostly in different bands, namely his original band Elonzo. The evolution of Elonzo into Elonzo Wesley was a long time coming – bringing a new element to the songs. Experience. Life Lessons. It’s learning a way to strum a guitar with just the right pressure, sing a note at the perfect level and hold it the precise amount of time before dropping the tone. Lyrics of a lifetime that relates to you no matter who you are and leaves you having heard a complete lifetime in a few songs and have you wanting to play them on repeat. A warm summer’s day walking the beach, a long fall night by the firepit in a rocking chair. It has it all. Another show to get excited for, another we will not miss!

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2/17  The Hawthorns CD Release Party

Charlotte based quartet The Hawthornes are having a listening party for the self titled LP this night. Priding their sound on a mesh of many different genres, it is said if you are a fan of music there is something for you to find in their sound. After a three day writing frenzy they emerged with what is about to be debuted this night. Frankly, if you enjoy music it’s worth the experience and something to write home about. Who doesn’t love a hometown band?

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2/20 ROBERT STEVENSON (of A Silent Film): All Good Things Tour ( by MaxxMusic & The Evening Muse)

Robert Stevenson was front-man, producer, and primary songwriter of UK alternative rock famed A Silent Film. The band has since been on an indefinite hiatus with various band members wanting to branch out into other things and some having families and wanting to plant roots at home, though it happened pretty abruptly and no true fan ever really was able to say their goodbyes. As a thank you to their rabid fan base, Robert decided to mount an intimate tour of the U.S. He will be playing the band’s hits in stripped-down acoustic arrangements. The Tour is aptly named the “All Good Things” and will be the only time Stevenson will tour and perform A Silent Film’s catalogue during the band’s time apart.

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2/25 Aubrey Logan (by MaxxMusic & The Evening Muse)

We are incredibly excited to have this talented jazz vixen come to Charlotte. Having covered her a few times out in LA, we cannot wait to have some more of our staffers get to sit down and experience her in the flesh. Recently she and Lisa Cole Bass won 1st Place in the Jazz Division and 3rd Place Overall in the 22nd Annual USA Songwriting Competition for this song “Pity Party.” Her new album IMPOSSIBLE is out now!

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These are just a handful from the calendar listing. Don’t forget every Monday they have a Find Your Muse – Open Mic night with a different special guest each week. Even if you are just wanting to go hang out with some friends, grab a drink in NODA, and don’t care who is on stage, you’ll be sure to find talent in droves any night of the week at the town’s favorite corner music hotspot. See you at a show!

The leader of the pack, shutter16.fam, head photographer and brain schemer has been a Charlotte based concert photographer since early 2002. Her passion for photography was cultivated by her grandfather, a very well known and decorated war photographer who put the first camera in her very small hands at the age of three.

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