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Come On Home To The Sweet, Sweet Sounds Of Magnolia Bayou

They say there’s no place like home and in the case of blues-rock band Magnolia Bayou, home is the bayous of Mississippi, an area rich in history and steeped in the blues. The band’s southern heritage is infused into each and every note, harkening back to the days of old school seventies rock and blues bands. Let me stage the scene for you. Imagine that you are on a road trip, traveling through the Deep South. You find yourself off the main highway, on an old country road somewhere in the Mississippi Delta, and up ahead you see a light peering out into the deep, dark night. As you approach, it becomes clear that the light is from an Open sign, glaring red and missing the letter e on an old, wooden building that serves as the local bar.  The lights are on inside, there are a few trucks in the gravel lot, and you decide to stop in for a drink. Upon entering, you’re a little uneasy at first as the locals check you out. The bartender asks “what’ll you have?” and you respond, “whiskey, neat.” As you sit sipping your drink, you notice a band tuning up on the tiny stage in the right-hand corner. Nobody seems to be paying them any mind at all but then the music starts and you are instantly transported to a comfortable place as the singer belts out the blues. The band is on fire and for a few brief moments in time, all is right with the world.  That’s the feeling that you’re at home and that in a nutshell is Magnolia Bayou. 

Magnolia Bayou is a breath of fresh air. They don’t put on airs or try to be the latest, greatest thing. Instead, their bluesy southern rock speaks for itself. The sound is reminiscent of seventies-era rock, based on the blues and with a definitive southern vibe that is full of soul and above all else feels real.  They’re a little bit classic Aerosmith and a little bit Allman Brothers Band and have made a name for themself playing up and down the Mississippi Blues Trail. 

Their latest release  Strange Place is an absolute masterpiece, dripping with an honest intensity that reminds one of all the blues greats that have come before them. Things get going quickly right from the start with the rocking “Dig Deep” and the down and dirty groove of “Sleepin’ in the Dog House.”  You won’t want to miss the wicked guitars on tracks like “Hurricane” and “Hands in the Dirt” or the breezy, wistfulness of “Tupelo.” The epic ballad “Sweet Magnolia” will have you holding your lover close or getting teary-eyed pining for days long since gone by. The song features Maggie Brown on background vocals, Gus Barnett on the blues harp, and Walter Jones on the organ and piano. The band also turns cranks up the heat with a rousing cover of “Preachin’ Blues,” written by Delta blues singer and slide guitarist Son House. The tune will force you to stand up, take notice, and give Magnolia Bayou a solid “Amen!” Whether you’re looking to raise the roof with some southern fried rock or need some bluesy soul to pull on your heartstrings, Magnolia Bayou is the real deal. 

Shutter 16 had the opportunity to chat with Dylan, Josh, and Cedric and get the inside scoop on the new album Strange Place as well as an update on everything Magnolia Bayou. You can listen to our interview in full below. 

Magnolia Bayou Is:

Josh Estes-Bass

Cedric Feazell-Drums

Andrew Fulton-Vocals

Dylan Palmiero- Lead Guitar

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