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Cold Weather, Warm Music. 

Jill Andrews @ The Evening Muse

By: Adam Willis
Kicking off a cold weekend with the warmth of an acoustic guitar and her beautiful voice, Nashville based ​Jill Andrews​ brought an intimate and beautiful performance to a packed house at the Evening Muse on Friday night.
Jill Andrews
Originally part of the well-known indie/folk act, ​The Everybodyfields​, Andrews has been actively producing solo work since 2009. As a solo act she has released two full-length albums, along with an EP and a number of singles, and her most recent release, ​The War Inside ​(2015), featured a guest appearance from the Concord, NC local, Seth Avett of ​The Avett Brothers​. You may have heard a number of Andrews’ work featured on popular television shows such as: ​Lost it all ​on​ MTV’s Teen Wolf​, and ​Rust or Gold ​on CBS’s hit show ​Grey’s Anatomy​. Most recently, Andrews has formed a new band with friend Peter Groenwald, called ​Hush Kids​. The band’s first full-length album was released this past October on Tone Tree Music.

Jill Andrews

With a mix of holiday appropriate songs and personal favorites from throughout her discography and various projects, she set the scene by opening with a Christmas favorite, but quickly dove into songs of old.
Jill Andrews
Andrews’ heartfelt, personal songwriting and playful anecdotes delivered a captivating act full of both raw emotion and bouts of laughter. Without a supporting band or any openers, she put on the kind of sincere performance you hope from a solo act. Some story-telling, some crowd involvement, and even some endearing mistakes when trying to play a new song.
Jill Andrews
A rare touch to Friday’s show was that she was able to play two sets. Separating the performances with a break for the audience to grab a second glass of wine and stretch their legs, she used this time to take photos upon request, and seemingly catching up with old friends.
Jill Andrews
To cap off the night, Andrews involved the audience in her last couple song selections, reluctant to play what she admitted might be on the sadder side, the crowd could care less. The songs proved to be more beautiful than sad, and were no doubt a fitting end to an amazingly warm evening with an even warmer personality.
Jill Andrews
Asheville, NC
Sat 6 PM11 guests
Decatur, GA

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