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Coheed and Cambria & Mastodon Cast Unheavenly Skye’s Over NJ

The Unheavenly Skye Tour 2019

Summer of 2019 is certainly proving that the Hard Rock and Metal scene is alive and well, One of this concert seasons heavy hitting tours tearing through North America is the team up of Progressive Rock heavyweights Coheed and Cambria & Rock titans Mastodon. Sprinkle in Hardcore legends Every Time I Die and you have The Unheavenly Skye Tour. New York’s Coheed and Cambria find themselves back on the road in support of their 2018 release of The Unheavenly Creatures, while tourmates Mastodon are playing their 2008 renowned masterpiece Crack The Skye in its entirety. Buffalo, New York’s Everytime I Die are out promoting their 2016 release Low Teens.

Coheed & Cambria 1
With all the killer tours this summer, as with most things Coheed this tour offers something different, something special. Maybe it’s the musical variety or that fact that each band on the bill are the stand out acts among their genres, whatever it is one thing is certain The Unheavenly Skye Tour is a can’t miss for rock music fans. We headed out to the tours fifth stop in the Jersey shore town of Asbury Park at the legendary Stone Pony, the Summer Stage to be exact. The fans came early and the weather was absolutely perfect. First to take the stage was Upstate NY’s Everytime I Die, If you’ve never seen these guys they’re absolutely epic live. Led by vocalist Keith Buckley, ETID are not only one of music’s hardest working bands, they’re also one of the most intense and chaotic live outfits on the road. As the band took to the stage at 5:30pm on a Tuesday night, Jersey should up for them nice and early and brought the energy from the band’s first note of “Roman Holiday”.

Almost immediately bodies surfed across the crowd sun beating down, a reaction singer Buckley noted saying “Jersey you’re the first crowd this tour to mosh and surf on the first song, you’re always so good to us”.   

The story was no different during the band’s second song of the set “Glitches” as the crowd went nuts, a pit erupted in the center of the pavement and the fans screamed along the lyrics. ETID’s energy was relentless all throughout the performance guitarist Jordan Buckley and bassist Steve Micciche jump recklessly across the stage the stage while drummer Daniel Davison and other guitarist Andrew Williams headbang so hard watching could make your head roll off.

The New Yorkers delivered a high energy, heart racing 12 song set capped off on a high note when guitarist Buckley took to the crowd stand on top of the fans during the final minute of the song “Map Change” and once finished was crowd surfed back to the stage end the bands performance.

As I mentioned earlier the diversity of the tours line-up stands out, especially in moments when you go from the hardcore craziness to the Hard Rock of the mighty Mastodon. Mastodon without question are one of the most influential bands of our generation, the Grammy Award winners are well respected throughout the community and how can you not respect a band with a relentless, timeless sound such as theirs.

Mastodon 23_
The band made their way to the stage led by singer/bassist Troy Sanders, as they geared up to perform their masterpiece album Crack The Skye entirely.

Mastodon 19
The band began with the heavy and hypnotic track “Oblivion”, Sanders in his wide stance and handy bass strumming notes before making his way to the microphone. The band’s performance isn’t in it’s energy but rather in their technocality and precision.

Mastodon 17_
Guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher are laser focused during the band’s performance, sometimes eyes closed as if their spiritually experiencing the notes to each song. Sometimes you can catch members through quick smiles to each other, as if communicating their appreciation for one another.  

Mastodon 12_
Sanders can be seen on nearly every track bending and twisting as if him and his bass are one. Mastodon flow through the album perfectly, not really interrupting the sets tone with banter but rather flowing through song’s like “The Czar”, “The Baron” and “Black Tongue” precisely like they were meant to be heard.

Mastodon 9
The performance was heavy and electrifying in it’s own way, different then what the crowd had just seen but no less special or important actually hearing Crack The Skye in full was quite a historic piece of music history especially for long time fans of the four piece.

Mastodon 6
The 11 song performance ended with drummer Brann Dailor coming from behind the kit to thank the crowd for their participation and support through the years and letting the crowd know “Coheed is next!!!”.

Mastodon 7
The final performance of the night came from Prog Rockers Coheed and Cambria, while I had seen Coheed live many times it was a first seeing them outdoors. Why does that matter you ask?

Coheed & Cambria 16
Well the band’s performance was timed for 8:20pm around the same time as the nights sunset, something magical was in the air as the stage lights came on, the fog blew naturally in the ocean breeze and the sunset from behind the stage creating a surreal tone between the screens hanging to the back of the stage. As Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever, Josh Eppard and Zach Cooper took to the stage, The Stone Pony erupted with excitement. Sanchez is still a man of few words; as I’ve described before he speaks to the fans with his guitar tones and mystical lyrics. When the band’s set began, the stage was completely blank and the members were illuminated only by the nights sunset.

Coheed & Cambria 8
As the “Prologue” ended the band tore into the sets opening number “The Dark Sentencer” from their latest release The Unheavenly Creatures. During the album’s title track Claudio took off his guitar and took the mic around the stage jumping around and singing directly to the crowd. Coheed fans are loyal and give the band a constant amount of energy to feed off of, you can hear for hundred of feet both in front and behind you the crowd singing every word religiously.

Coheed & Cambria 3
Song’s like “A Favor House Atlantic”, “The Gutter”  and “No World For Tomorrow” went over extremely well with fans and were set highlights in my opinion. Coheed has a great ability of switching gears and balancing older classic material and their newer work making the show a real crowd pleaser for fans of any album. It’s also pretty incredible to hear the depth of their catalogue through the years and how so many conceptual works blend together flawlessly to tell a story even through the live performance.

Coheed & Cambria 6_
The band’s 16 song set, which spans about an hour and twenty minutes or so, is properly closed out by the encore’s “The Pavilion (A Long Way Back)” and the massive sounding and insanely catchy “Welcome Home”.

Coheed & Cambria 9
Coheed and Cambria continue to prove their one of the tightest and beautifully thought out shows to see, I don’t know how it’s possible but the band’s production has stepped up more from last summer’s mind blowing tour and the show is absolutely spectacular from every angle. When you see Coheed on the The Unheavenly Skye Tour expect to be overloaded in the best ways both sonically and visually. At moments you’ll find yourself in a trance like state just taking in the music with no outside interference. With all the awesome shows this summer, this is high on the list of recommended can’t miss tours. Check out the full list of tour dates below! For ticket information and more checkout the band’s official websites.

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