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Coheed And Cambria and Taking Back Sunday Bring Down the Queen City With The Story So Far

Not just a Summer tour, THE Summer tour

It’s not often that a mega lineup comes your way, when you feel lucky enough to even exist at the same time as the bill. Exhibit A: the Summer Tour, featuring Coheed And Cambria, Taking Back Sunday, and The Story So Far, all bands with impressive resumes of their own.

Each act is currently out supporting a recent release, which is not something you find often, meaning each set is filled with fresh songs, new stunts, and refreshed energy. 

Opening up the night was CA rock group The Story So Far. Currently signed with Pure Noise Records, the band has released three studio albums and currently has an essentials playlist on Spotify with a compilation of their favorite songs. The band is set to release their fourth album Proper Dose September 21 of this year, and they even hyped up C&C, saying they’re the best touring bad around these days!

So if you don’t want to take my word for it you can take theirs.

While opening with crowd favorites “What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?” and closing with another “Make Damn Sure”, Queen City native and lead vocalist Adam Lazzara did not disappoint, and sounded just as great as when the band first began in 1999. Formed originally by guitarist Eddie Reyes (he officially parted ways, however, in April of 2018), the band now consists of lead vocals Lazzara, John Nolan for lead guitar, Shaun Cooper on bass, and Mark O’Connell for the drums.

John Nolan is now the last remaining founding member, who had left back in 2003 before rejoining the band in 2010. Regardless of the shift in members, their live sets is still as energetic and fresh as when I first saw them at the Vans Warped Tour.

From infamous mic swinging by Lazzara to the use of a separate mic to add special voice effects to the show, Taking Back Sunday’s stage presence is one of the most interactive musical experiences, with an array of talent coming from all members of the band.

Fun fact: Adam Lazzara, as stated previously, resides in Charlotte, NC and is infamous for being sighted in the NODA area with his family.  However, much different from his wildly sporadic stage moves he has a much calmer demeanor when he’s not slinging mics and hyping the crowd up with great setlist mixture of new and old songs.

The band’s current albums Happiness Is  and Tidal Wave were released between 2014-2016, both under Hopeless Records. Since the release of Happiness Is, the band has embarked on a North American headlining tour in 2015 with The Menzingers and letlive...  On June 2016 it was announced that Tidal Wave was set to release on September 16, with material for the album being written between tours for Happiness Is.

Formed in 1995 out of New York, Coheed and Cambria is known for many things, but the most understated would be an American rock band that totally shreds! While many may know of Coheed’s interesting sci-fi take on music, what is interesting is that their albums are fleshed out concepts, based on a science fiction storyline called The Amory Wars, written by lead singer Claudio, and been transcribed into a series of comic books, as well as a full length novel. This fun fact ties into the band’s interesting take on producing their live sets, making them look like a scene from outer space.   

With their most recent album being their eighth album (and the band’s first to not follow The Amory Wars storyline), The Color Before the Sun was recorded under label 300 Entertainment, featuring hits such as “Here to Mars”. However, it was announced in April 2018 that the band, now signed with Roadrunner Records, would potentially be set for a new album The Unheavenly Creatures, now scheduled to drop October 5, 2018. While this is both exciting and nerve-wracking, it would be a great progression for the band’s coming tour with Taking Back Sunday and The Story So Far. While opening the Charlotte show with riffs such as “The Dark Sentencer” and closing with the crowd favorite “Welcome Home”, this was a light show spectacular that many Charlotteans would be silly to have missed at the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre.

The lighting from this set is one of the best that this writer has seen, and made the shooting so much more of a breeze while also keeping me entertained as a fan. The stage was mind blowingly brought to life with the use of different colored gel lights, while also adding synchronized orb lights to bring the feeling of a science fiction spaceship to life along with their music.  

Claudio did not disappoint either – however he did not play guitar with his tongue as I have seen before in tours years ago – though the massive cousin-it style hair made the lead singer look as if a mad scientist was running this space-like show.  The live experience culminated everything that the band has and will continue to create.

You’ve still got a chance to see this dreamy lineup at a venue near you! The tour will continue through the summer, and into the fall across the sea. Grab tickets here!

See full gallery of the night here!


Coheed and Cambria Setlist Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC, USA, Summer Tour 2018



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