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Circa Survive take on NC’s CDEC

The Amulet Tour:

Photos by: Luke Jamroz

Staples in the emo genre, Circa Survive are no strangers to the ins and outs of the touring the nooks and crannies of the US. This go around, the band embarked on the Amulet Tour, apropos of their latest release of the same name.  

Circa Survive

The Philly power group have been creating shockwaves in the music industry since their debut release in 2005, and have since branched out to other side projects (some more successful than others; some more successful that CS themselves!).

Circa Survive

Fast forward 13 years later and CS are on their seventh release. The Amulet era began when the band dropped lead single “Lustration” accompanied with a music video.

Circa Survive

Via Hopeless Records, The Amulet was dropped on August 10th, 2017.

Circa Survive

Not even a year later, the band has marked yet another dream tour off everyone’s list, thanks to their partnership with Thrice, Balance and Composure, and Chon.

Circa Survive

Now here we are, April 2018, with yet another dream tour hitting up our favorite mid-size venues. Circa Survive, along with Foxing and Hail The Sun, hit up Greensboro’s Cone Denim Entertainment Center, a not-so-quaint venue that gets packed to the brim on the regular.

Opening The Amulet Tour were indie pop group Foxing. Two full-length albums and EP under their belts have prepared them tours such as this, and taking on the responsibility of awakening an eager crowd is a tall order in itself. Though Foxing are fit for their own headlining gig, this particular slot isn’t one to frown upon.’

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Cali’s post-hardcore supergroup Hail The Sun took the stage as well, fighting for the crowd’s attention just as hard. This goal isn’t difficult to capture as they lie on the same vein as CS. Fun fact #1: Beau Burchell, member of Saosin, is currently helping produce HTS’s fourth studio album. Fun fact #2: Vocalist of Circa Survive, Anthony Green, spent some time lending his frontman talents to boys on Saosin. See what I mean?

Circa Survive

However you look at it, The Amulet Tour will bring something for everyone – from the dreamy pop lovers to the hardcore mosh pals. Get yourself to a show and see why CS are here to stay!

Circa Survive

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Tomorrow 7:30 PM1,460 guests
Norfolk, VA
Fri 7:30 PM512 guests
Stroudsburg, PA
Sat 7:30 PMZane Duffner is going
Wilmington, DE
Sun 8 PM961 guests
Baltimore, MD

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