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Chris D’Elia Packed Out The Paramount Doing Two Shows In One Night

Even though the calendar says the first day of summer is less than a week away, the last few days of damp cool weather made it feel more like early spring. So the thought of going out on Saturday night, June 17, to enjoy a comedy show was even more appealing than it was when fans originally bought their tickets to see Chris D’Elia. D’Elia was making a stop on his tour to the Paramount in Huntington, NY for a double-header show. His first show sold out so fast that by popular demand he added a second show on the same night.

As fans started arriving for the first show, a small line formed inside the lobby while others waited outside; these fans were eager to get in early as they were there for a Meet and Greet with D’Elia before the show. Once the doors opened the venue steadily filled to the brim, for some it looked as if they were on a date night, others came in small groups of friends, notably there were quite a few groups of females, but after a stop at the bar for a drink everyone eagerly took their seats.


Opening up the night was an Irish comedian who is currently residing in Los Angeles, Mark Hayes. He did a jam packed ten minute set where he had a great time making the audience laugh as he poked fun at himself and told some risqué jokes, one in which he started with, “How does every racist joke start? With a look over each shoulder to see who’s around.” Then proceeded with another comedic look at his own life. He definitely started the show off with lots of laughter.


Hayes promptly handed the microphone off to the next comic of the night, Michael Lenoci. Lenoci started right off with, “I’m thirty two and single.” He baited a few ladies from the audience as they hollered out to him and he snickered as he said they should meet him afterwards. He continued on with making light about relationships and making the audience laugh at his analogies. After about twenty minutes it was time to pass the microphone again. But before doing that, he gave a proper introduction to Chris D’Elia.


D’Elia came out on stage with all smiles as he was waving to everyone; some fans rose to their feet as the whole place was cheering. As soon as things simmered down, D’Elia hit them hard and had everyone laughing right off the bat. Speaking from his mind he did not give the feel that any of his performance was scripted, but his fans know there is a path he is on. He even took a moment now and then to laugh at himself as he would veer off course from the subject, but the course he would take you on would be so funny it would not even matter that you left the course in the first place. He even commented on the amount of animal related jokes he had made after talking about his dogs, a neighborhood raccoon and, of course, eagles.


He also had fun poking at himself and shared some feelings on being the age he is now, thirty-seven, and his perception of love. And even though the audience was laughing hysterically the whole time, D’Elia also gave them a little something to ponder after the show, “We are all extras on someone else’s movie.” His show was refreshing and really funny. As the first show let out everyone was leaving with big smiles on their faces and sore bellies from laughing so much.


D’Elia fans have something to look forward to in the next few days as he has a new Netflix special coming out on June 27; it will be called Man On Fire. But do not miss out on an opportunity to go see him perform live as he is touring throughout the United States till October.

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Photographer/writer: Diane Woodcheke

Venue: The Paramount in Huntington, NY

Performance by: Chris D’Elia

Michael Lenoci

Mark Hayes

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