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Chris Brown brings theatrics to Charlotte’s Spectrum Center

Indigoat Tour:

A trio of opening acts did their job to warm up the crowd at Charlotte’s Spectrum Center, but it wasn’t until Chris Brown finally hit the stage after a short delay that the packed arena went wild.

Chris Brown (4)

Women cheered at every dance move and turned the Uptown venue into a massive party. On the way out of the arena, comparisons to Michael Jackson could be overheard thanks to Brown’s combination of dancing and singing.

Chris Brown (5)

While he’s had his share of off-stage problems, on stage, he’s 100% entertainer.

Yella Breezy (6)

The night got started with a short set from recent tour addition Yella Breezy.

Joyner Lucas (6)

After a short mini-movie, Joyner Lucas took the stage for a forgettable set, until his closing song, “I’m Not a Racist” which looks at the viewpoint of race from the white and black points of view – and the message was heard loud and clear for everyone within earshot.

Joyner Lucas (5)

Lucas also made his way into the crowd during his set – a theme that continued throughout the night.

Ty Dolla Sign (3)

Ty Dolla Sign went on before Brown and made the most of the stage, wandering back and forth, out into the crowd and even finding time to play bass.

Ty Dolla Sign (1)

He also pulled North Carolina’s Petey Pablo out for a song. While each opener had a memorable moment or two during their set, it was Brown who created some lasting memories for fans.

Chris Brown (10)
Chris Brown (7)
Chris Brown (1)
Chris Brown (6)

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