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Charlotte Treasure: Radio Lola

Charlotte Treasure : Radio Lola

Photos by: Gene Lazo

Vibrant stage shows and an array of genres are the only guarantees you get at a Radio Lola show; everything else is up for grabs. With new music (hopefully) on the horizon, now is the time to get familiar with the Charlotte natives. Radio Lola took over Hattie’s Tap and Tavern last weekend in true Lola fashion: boisterous songs and goofy smiles! Check out our convo with drummer Sean Nowak below, and get yourself on the RL train!


Soundtrack the interview with a playlist!

How was the show?

The show was great! We always love playing at Hattie’s Tap and Tavern. Jackie DeLoach and Michelle Ria, the owners, are just amazing people. Zack does an amazing job at running sound and really gets you dialed in. He really has that room sounding great. We had The Archaic Agenda play first and they were amazing! Then The Penitentials went on and just tore it up! One of the tightest bands in Charlotte. They were hard to follow. We played two new songs and they were well received. Always a little nervous when you give birth to your babies.


What does the end of the year bring?

We are in writing mode for the next album and are close to having enough songs. So hunkered down and writing. Not playing much so we can get things done. Next show is NYE at The Neighborhood Theater.

Describe typical Radio Lola show!

Fun, intense, soulful and dynamic.

How did the name come about?

We all loved the movie Pirate Radio. The first Rouge floating radio station was named Radio Caroline and first air date was August 15th 1967 following passage of the Marine Offenses Act. rock-and-roll and soul was banned in England. We thought about Radio Caroline and it switch to Radio Lola. Dani thought the name Lola was seductive yet sweet at the same time. 

Rare superpower of each band member. GO!

Dani Engle: Her superpower is to make you hungry. She is an amazing home chef and has a food blog as well as a tasty Instagram.

Kevin Snyder: His superpower is that he makes everyone feel positive when around him. He has a great outlook on life.

Chris Hendrickson: I guess his superpower is making you drink great Bourbon and Rye, it always seems to happen. I am not complaining don’t get me wrong it is truly a superpower!

Me: My superpower is to say the most inappropriate thing at the right time, not wrong time because I am a classy fucker:)


Three Charlotte bands everyone should not sleep on?

Party Battleship: Power pop goodness with a beautiful edge. This band’s CD has not left my car system since I got it..  Seriously the only CD I listen to now.

The Penitentials: Tight ass bar room rock and roll. You feel dirty after a show and you can’t get the smile off your face.

The Sammies: They are back and I heard some snips of their new album and holy shit! We have so much fun playing with these guys. CR loves Tacos!

RadioLola_20170909_0009_WWhat is in your playlist right now?

I am old school or just old. I don’t have a playlist. I listen to vinyl and it all depends on my mood. Everything from Chet Baker to The Descendants. I listen to a lot of local albums as well. The Loudermilks, Amigo, and Alternative Champs. Really ready for Tigerdog’s album to come out. Such amazing bands here in Charlotte so go out and see them!


See full gallery of the night here.

Sheila Walsh graduated from USC Aiken in 2015 with a degree in English. While in school, she won an essay competition for an argumentative essay on why the arts are crucial to the education system. Additionally, she was recruited to play volleyball for USCA and contributed to a weekly journal discussing the life of a student-athlete. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

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