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Charlotte left sweating after Lana Del Ray brings Lust for Life tour to the QC

Lana Del Rey Lust for Life Tour

If anything hits you first when you are introduced to Lana Del Rey, it’s her iconic sounding voice. You could have her yodeling on a trap album and STILL know it’s her. Next up you could just see with any eyes that work, she is a very pretty gal in tasteful ways. Lana makes you fall in love with the temper and sadness in her mesmerizing voice and posh quaffs of delicate hair. There isn’t much about Miss Ray that isn’t perfectly styled or timed, from the beats she makes in her air when singing to her eloquent speeches, and I wonder as I sit here about to experience her show in live form if the pressure ever eats her alive to be so goddamn perfect.

Lana Del Ray-2883

I wanted to write just about her talent but there is something said for a person who looks like they walked out of a magazine almost all of the time. That takes talent, and makes sense as she is also a model. But the biggest and best thing you need to know about her, if somehow you are unfamiliar with her career:

Raw talent.

Lust for Life is her fifth studio album and is her second album to reach number one in the states. It also earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album that ended up going to Ed Sheeran for his hit album Divide. Not bad for a once indie gem.

Lana Del Ray-2831

The setting tonight for her show and tour is Lust for Life, a fiery vixen taking life by the horns and not holding back. With her hits like “Summertime Sadness,” where she demands attention and fun in her life give you the essence of LDR. But before we jump into her performance lets take it back a bit.

Lana Del Ray-2751

This tour brought out Colombian-American artist Kali Uchis, a young but accomplished singer-songwriter from the depths of the tame Old Dominion. With her latest single, “After The Storm,” taking the airwaves by… well.. Storm, it’s no wonder Uchis was invited to play alongside LDR. Though she’s been making a name for herself for years, with some Grammy noms and insane collabs (see “After the Storm” with Tyler, the Creator and “Only Girl” with Vince Staples), it won’t be long before Uchis is calling a huge stage like the Spectrum Center her throne.

Fast forward through a lens-worthy set, and LDR’s throne is polished and ready to destroy.

Lana Del Ray-6355

The stage setup looks seaworthy, with a huge backdrop of several LCD screens that pulsate the images of what looks to be mermaids, but her at bottom of the sea. She walks out into a multilevel stage that bleeds deep blues and greens to mimic an underwater heaven. Her band is nothing if not poised, with the ever dreamy upright bass that mixes with her silky vocals so well. Where she glides to the beat across the stage, the essence moving water catches your eye and suddenly: the joy of illusion. Gorgeous. You look to the crowd and there is another sea of its own – her fans in flowing dresses and plush skirts, and every single one is a snapchat filter. Or did they make that snapchat filter after LDR? Each fan adorned with a flower wreath perfectly wrapped around their eager heads as they anxiously await their perfect moment they get to SCREAM, not sing, but SCREAM her lyrics. We were all ready for Summertime Sadness, in January no matter how damn cold we were with our skirts and flower bonnets. We. Were. Ready.

Lana Del Ray-2898

Back up to earlier in this review I talked of how striking LDR was… is. It’s not to devalue her talent, it’s to tell you what we see when she walks in a room and if that is wrong, I’m sorry. Because in other breaths and pauses in her performance she went right to the heart of what is going on in the industry right this very moment that makes me proud to be one of the women standing in it.

“It’s a good time to be a woman, especially in music.”

As you looked around at her fan base, you’d find mostly women. Sure, there were some men, mostly there because their women wanted to have date night. But a collective “Fuck yes,” and HECK YES to the younger crowd, ran rampant when she said these words. Tell me I’m your National Anthem. You were, you are, (hand over heart) and a salute. See you again soon.

Full gallery of the night.

Lana Del Ray-2857


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