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Catching up with Lifehouse

Nostalgic moments, and The Looking for Summer Tour

Calling all 2000’s alternative fans! Our favorite bands Lifehouse and Switchfoot are on tour together! I repeat: on tour together!! You can imagine how excited Shutter 16 was when the tour was announced, but multiply that by a thousand when I was informed I had a chance to interview one of my favorite bands. Lifehouse has been sweeping people off of their feet with numerous songs about love and other pure, raw emotions since the release of their first album in 2000 entitled No Name Face which includes tracks like “Everything” and “Hanging By a Moment,” which, by the way, was the most played track of 2001. We can totally see why!

Fast forward sixteen years and Lifehouse has released their first Greatest Hits album! The album hit the market on July 14th much to the delight of countless fans. When we caught up with Jason Wade (vocals) and Bryce Soderberg (bass and vocals), the album was one of the first things we asked about. I was curious as to how the group went about narrowing the album down to just eighteen tracks.

“We kinda took the approach of like, let’s just pick the most popular top songs, like all the singles from 2000’s to the last one, ‘Hurricane.’ Then we picked three fan favorites, songs called “Everything,” “From Where You Are,” and “It Is What It Is.” We just wanted to give the fans something to kind of give them a sense of nostalgia since they have been following us from the beginning,” Soderberg commented as I went into the next question.

The Looking For Summer tour started out just three weeks ago on July 23rd in Denver, Colorado.

“It’s been amazing, the guys in Switchfoot are just genuine human beings.” admitted Soderberg. “Out of a lot of the people we have performed with over the years, they’re really up there on the list as far as musicians, how they take their band seriously, you know they are very family-oriented and we’re having a blast with them. We’re doing a few collaborations with them for the show.”

As with most touring bands who have developed amazing friendships throughout the years, joking around with those friends can often help ease the stress of touring and just day to day life. We asked the guys if they had any backstage shenanigans they would like to share with us.

“Not yet, but we’re only two to three weeks in, so I’m sure there’s going to be some stuff happening in the next couple of weeks when everyone really starts to let their hair down.”

You ever been watching one of your all time favorite tv shows and hear a song you absolutely love playing in a character’s house, or in a restaurant where a dramatic kissing scene is taking place? Chances are you have, and if you are a fan of Lifehouse, you may have had this happen on several occasions. The group has several of their songs on popular shows Smallville, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, and One Tree Hill.

“There are some fans from overseas who would have never heard of us if we weren’t on that show Smallville, ya know,” commented Soderberg. “Each show has its niche audience, and it’s nice with the right songs and the right scene, it evokes kind of an emotional reaction, and it definitely helped us out a lot bringing in new fans.”

An interview wouldn’t be fun without a random question or two. The first random question we launched at Wade and Soderberg was if we opened their iPods up right now, what they would be listening too. We got a surprising answer.

“Oh wow, we have so many different musical influences,” they admitted. “A lot of classic rock and stuff like that is obviously in there. But if you’re talking currently, I really like the new Haim record, the new Foster The People record is great, and Phoenix, and I know Jason really likes Lord Huron,” Soderberg commented before Wade joined in.

“Yeah Lord Huron! We just saw Hans Zimmer perform the other day. I’m a huge film nut, I love soundtracks, so probably Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, and even music from the forties like Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra… I love to listen to stuff that’s so far from our genre because I live with it every day, so it’s nice to kinda listen to total opposites.”

With the Looking For Summer tour taking off late July, with dates only in the United States and Australia, several fans asked when Lifehouse would be coming back over to the Europe.

“We were in Europe a couple years back and it was a blast to be playing places we have never played before and the response was overwhelming,” said Soderberg. “We’re going to finish off this tour with Switchfoot, it ends in mid-September, and then we’re going to be going off to Australia with the band Live. But hopefully next year something will be in the cards for Europe, that would be awesome.”

The day before we did the interview, we asked fans if they had any questions they would like to have asked on their behalf, and the response was overwhelming! Out of all the questions, we were able to pick three. The first one asked by Californian Maria Dominguez: What inspired the track “Hanging by a Moment”?

“Oh man, it was written so long ago. We were finishing up our first record No Name Face, I was doing background vocals, and this melody just popped in my head, so I took a break. I asked the producer for like fifteen minutes. I went into the other room and picked up the guitar, which was already in drop D tuning, and it was just like an out of body experience. The song just like came into the room, I was just like, channeling it. The whole thing, bridge, melody, lyrics, everything was just written in like ten to fifteen minutes. It was like the craziest thing. I didn’t have time to think about it, it was just this pure and unfiltered love song.”

The second fan question came from Kerstin Miller of Oregon, who wanted to know: What is your favorite song from the 90’s or back?

Brice immediately spoke up and said, “Oh wow, the nineties were the genre where I personally got into a lot of the grunge scene and the Seattle scene bands. Nirvana, anything off of Nevermind but ‘Come as You Are.’ If I had to pick one, Pearl Jam’s ‘Evenflow’ and maybe Smashing Pumpkins ‘Disarms.’”

“I would have to say Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ or Nirvana’s ‘All Apologies,” added Wade.

Our final fan question came from Joe Bushneck from Mansfield, PA.

“I would like to know the meaning behind the song “Simon.” That song has been there for me through some rough times,” Bushneck commented on our Facebook Feed.

“Simon was written for a friend of mine who experienced really intense bullying when he was a kid,” Soderberg stated. “I related to it because I lived in Hong Kong for three years and I kinda got bullied by some of the kids in the village that I lived in with my parents. So I went home and I was just kind of channeling his story, and my story together and ‘Simon’ was the byproduct of that.”

Being a touring band can be one stressful job. Sure you get to do what you love every night, but you also have to deal with the stress of interviews, photo shoots, getting from point A to point B, and obviously playing the show. The hardest part, however, has got to be dealing without seeing your family for months at a time.

“It’s hard,” admitted Wade. “It’s really hard, to be honest. I’ve been married for sixteen years, and so we try not to be apart for longer than two to three weeks max… Facetime really helps because you can make that connection.”

With nineteen shows left on the Looking For Summer tour, Lifehouse and Switchfoot are sure to bring their audiences a sense of nostalgia as they play our favorite rock hits, and of course, the love songs we all have on the playlist we dedicated to our significant others.

“On this tour, I can’t count the times that someone has come up to me and said that either the song ‘Everything’ or ‘You and Me’ was played at their wedding, or was their first dance and I think it’s amazing. Especially the song ‘You and Me.’ That’s the song I proposed to my girlfriend, who’s my wife now. We just think that connection is strong because it’s real.”

Make sure to listen to Lifehouse’s Greatest Hits album which is available on Spotify and numerous other streaming sites. Lifehouse will be in Greensboro, North Carolina on August 22nd. Make sure to follow Lifehouse, Switchfoot, and of course Shutter 16 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up to date with all our shenanigans.

You can listen to the interview in whole below – enjoy, and see you at a Lifehouse show soon!

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