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Cashmere Cat crashed Cat’s Cradle

Cashmere Cat crashed Cat’s Cradle with the help of Live Animals and Nina Las Vegas

By: Jackson Sadinsky

The Cat’s Cradle’s sneaky back entrance is a doorway that almost all North Carolina music lovers have passed through at least once. Personally, it’s my favorite venue in the state. So when I heard that award winning DJ and producer Cashmere Cat was to grace the venue, the 3 hour drive up from Charlotte on a Monday was worth it.

As we arrived at the venue, Live Animals, the local DJ hailing from Asheville, delivered a set that served its purpose incredibly – the audience found the temptation to dance impossible to resist. The North Carolinian producer has released music through MalLabel music and Abstract Future, both indie labels serving to promote his EP’s. His newest being Vitalize can be heard on soundcloud here.

Following Live Animals, Nina Las Vegas took to the stage. An australian DJ, Nina promised a hip hop heavy set full of rappers both familiar to US crowds and not, playing the likes of both Drake and England garage heavyweights such as Stormzy. Nina has released frequently with NLV records, an australian label founded by her. It is described as the “go-to outlet for original and forward-thinking underground club music.” As the crowd packed in, Nina’s set ended while techies stormed the stage.

In a flurry, the show moved to floor level, lights that were previously unused turned towards the crowd, and Cashmere Cat took to his pioneer deck. The crowd came to life as he spun his massive hits, such as “Wild Love” which features The Weeknd, and “Trust Nobody” which features Selena Gomez, but the energy continued as the esteemed DJ remixed (and played the original) south Florida superstar XXXTENTACION’s “Look At Me,” offering a chilled version preceding the energy of the original. The turntablist-turned-producer has released small EP’s via labels Pelican Fly and LuckyMe, with his newest album, 9, to be released by Interscope Records on April 28th, as confirmed by his tweets here. As I’ve stressed, Cashmere Cat is an incredible DJ. Award winning, in fact. And his own songs are incredibly well-produced, and capture a significant feeling that can only be described as melancholic joy (an oxymoron in of itself.)

As the show began, I knew that the decision to attend was the right one. While the crowd danced to his music, I felt my problems fade away and my body began to sway with the beat. Cashmere played his set on the floor, with the crowd, in an already intimate venue. This intimate approach made the puzzle fit perfectly, and just as quickly as it began, Cashmere ended the night by waving the crowd goodbye, and disappeared out the back of the venue. Live Animals, Nina Las Vegas, and Cashmere Cat all promised an eventful, energetic night, and delivered perfectly on that promise.



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