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Carolina Rebellion announces lineup, internet loses their mind

The Ghost of Carolina Rebellion Past – Just in time for Christmas

Charlotte’s premiere festival is back! The announcement for the 2018 Carolina Rebellion is just in time for Christmas present buying! Who doesn’t love a fresh pair of concert tickets under the tree?

Some thought time travel was real when we opened up the press release earlier today! As per usual CR fans lost their minds, in both good and bad variations. Many questions popped up regarding the way the festival released the line-up (i.e. late), and all at once, as well as where some key bands are. Fret not, because there was also a ton of excitement for the bands on the schedule. Here is a small breakdown.

shinedown_8(Shinedown by: Luke Jamroz)

Day 1 Line-up: Alice In Chains, Shinedown, Stone Sour, Stone Temple Pilots, Bullet For My Valentine, Underoath, Parkway Drive, Pop Evil, Sevendust, Avatar, Red Sun Rising, Andrew W.K., Tremonti, Texas Hippie Coalition, Power Trip, He is Legend, Turnstile, Stick to Your Guns, Counterfeit, The Wild!

Odd man out: None, this day is pretty solid!

HELL YES: Underoath and Sevendust will be our top picks for the day. They have a polished live set and play a festival well. Catch this show!

Pass: Alice in Chains & Stone Temple Pilots – these are the ghosts of Xmas past shoved inside the package. It’s a mesh of a band that once was both vocalist and hearts of the band are both dead. I’d rather watch a holographic performance a la Tupac at  Coachella 2012 of the bands than what we get now.

LJPhoto_ITM_16(In This Moment by Luke Jamroz)

Day 2: Line-up: Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin, Halestorm, In This Moment, The Used, Trivium, Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Hatebreed, Butcher Babies, New Years Day, Shaman’s Harvest, From Ashes to New, Emmure, Toothgrinder, Palaye Royale, Pallasades, Bad Wolves, Joyous Wolf, Them Evils.

Odd man out: Godsmack headlining. 90s called… it’s 2017. Do they still pack enough punch to be the drawl of the day? They are currently recording a new album with its first single is expected in January. The full recording should be available in April. This better be one hell of an album!

HELL YES: In This Moment, always an amazing theatrical show, Palaye Royale who we’ve been covering since the original time we picked them on our Reverb Nation Campaign, and Shaman’s Harvest who we caught last week.

Pass: Godsmack. While we already picked them on this list, with past instances of seeing their live performance, none of it has ever struck us as headline and major pull for a festival.

MUSE-3807(Muse by: Ricky Thigpen)

Day 3: Line-up: Muse, Queens of the Stones Age, Incubus, Billy Idol, The Struts, Clutch, Greta Van Fleet, Thrice, Baroness, Quicksand, The Sword, Red Fang, Code Orange, The Bronx, Mutoid Man, The Fever 333, The Blue Stones, Black Foxxes, Spirit Animal.

Odd man out: The main draw – Muse, sold as Muse’s only festival appearance and somewhat there is a reason for this. Their show is a light display and fun time but somewhat lost on being the goliath to hold a full festival upon their shoulders. When Muse was last here, even with Thirty Seconds to Mars, they didn’t sell out PNC.

HELL YES: QOTSA, Incubus (check when they were here in Charlotte last), and The Sword are all a solid yes. It will be fun to see QOTSA live again, Incubus hopefully spotlight their heavier older music, and who doesn’t love seeing The Sword?

Pass: Billy Idol – just why?

So- So- So:

If the line-up seems somewhat repetitive here is why: Bands from first year circa 2011 until now that will be repeated in 2018’s performance.

2011: Bullet For My Valentine, Halestorm, Godsmack, Stone Sour, Pop Evil

2012: Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm

2013: Alice in Chains, Halestorm, In This Moment, Bullet For My Valentine, Asking Alexandria, Pop Evil

2014: Trivium, Five Finger Death Punch

2015: Godsmack, Halestorm, In this Moment, Breaking Benjamin, Butcher Babies, Tremonti, Hatebreed

2016: Pop Evil, Five Finger Death Punch, Avatar, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, Clutch, The Sword, New Years Day, Asking Alexandria,  Code Orange, Texas Hippie Coalition

2017: In This Moment


korn(Korn by Luke Jamroz)

Missing: There are also staple festival bands that people expect to headline tour especially one as well established now as CR. Where are Korn, Papa Roach, In Flames, Metallica, Ozzy, Foo Fighters, Tool, APC? While some of the fan faves are weaved into this announcement, it cant help but feel it’s missing many heavy hitters.  

Go anyway – it’s about the community! These revisits of bands are put to question from the fans. Solid words of advice, if you just want to go for the experience which is what the brand is sold on you’re in for another year of a rocking good time. Once the beer starts flowing, you’ll find your festival fun! Guess we will see how it goes and look forward to covering the event from start to finish. See y’all in the pits! \m/

The Deets:

Venue: Rock City Campgrounds at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Date: May 4th, 5th, and 6th

Get your tickets here!  From $149-$500, check site for different packages.

The leader of the pack, shutter16.fam, head photographer and brain schemer has been a Charlotte based concert photographer since early 2002. Her passion for photography was cultivated by her grandfather, a very well known and decorated war photographer who put the first camera in her very small hands at the age of three.


  • Dianna

    / Reply

    Loved your comment Karen. Festivals always have something for everyone as you are showing more of. Incubus didn’t even sell out with Jimmy Eat world which was amazing considering it was genre specific! Having toured with STP and a few of these other bands I’ll be first to admit I’m one of “those fans” with them. Once you see the best it’s just not quite right with -the rest. 😂 I hope people calm down about this line-up but does not seem to be and end in sight. Worst reaction to a festival lineup I’ve ever seen.

  • Karen Corzine

    / Reply

    edit to my above comment should have said 100% crowds

  • Karen Corzine

    / Reply

    I have to stand up for AIC and I’ve been fighting the STP haters all day long! Let’s start with STP because I’m polished on that one: Dean and Robert Deleo formed this band, they write the music and THEY not their drug-addicted basket case of a singer (RIP) are the HEART of that band! Anyone who doesn’t know that, doesn’t know STP. STP has more hits than most of the other bands put together. Scott Weiland ruined the 2nd half of the band’s career and I do not think it’s fair for Dean and Robert to just quit because he finally died from his bad habits.

    The same with AIC to some extent. However, AIC, memorializes Lane and Mike always. Jerry Cantrell is still the Heart of the Band, and William Duvall is no slacker in the vocal role either. AIC put out a pretty great album a few years ago without the former members.

    Anyone performing in 2013 at Carolina Rebellion can hardly be counted as a repeat because many of them had to cancel and the ones that did brave the awful weather and the bad stage setups (for the weather) were playing in terrible conditions to less than 100 crowds.

    As for Muse, their show in the summer of 2017 was great but it was fraught with a major rain and hail storm. It’s true it did not sell out, and neither did Incubus. Both were outstanding shows.

    I think CR missed the mark pretty bad on Saturday. Partly because I just don’t really like the headliners much, but also because they are reruns of recent years of CR as well as many of the other DWP festivals.

    I was hoping for a power player such as Foo, who are in Germany that week, or Ozzy, who is in Mexico that week or even Tool (though I’m not a big fan, they are a festival powerhouse). It sure would be great to give CR some love from a band like Metallica who have dodged our immediate area since 2009 and it was 2004 before that.


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