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Carnival of Madness 2016 – hotter than hell

Carnival of Madness 2016 – hotter than hell

Photos by Luke Jamroz 

Carnival of Madness – a tour for the masses… It came, it went, it left a battle scar. We survived the packed crowds, the weather, and lived to tell the tale.


This year the tour included ShinedownBlack Stone Cherry, and Whiskey Myers who switched out with Highly Suspect for the US tour dates. There’s no surprise in the level of show you are going to encounter. Full of rip-roaring rock flames and light spectacles, jump kicks -twang- and a whole lot of energy.


First up, Texonians Whisky Myers (Wiggy Thump Records) has a new album Mud set to be released September 9. Joining a rock-and-roll tour is a fun aspect for this country alt-rock artist.


Their addition brings different facets to the show reaching more music aficionados. A seven-piece gives life to the stage to warm up the crowd – I foresee them headlining another tour with the new album.


When listening to the Carnival of Madness Spotify playlist I was a bit surprised when they popped up–in a good way. If asked for some new music, people should listen to – they are to be added to the rotation. The opening show as usual is over way too quickly but you will get some time to hear the new titular track “Mud” in person.


Whiskey Myers set-list:

Early Morning Shakes




How Far


The short opener leaves room for Black Stone Cherry (Mascot Label Group) to rev up the crowd even more.


A typical set of strong guitar tones, fun crowd interaction and some of their newer tunes like “Cheaper to Drink Alone” and “Soul Machine.” We have reviewed this band at the Rambling Man Fair in the UK last week – boy they get around!


As I moved to the main stage for the final set of the night I was in for another treat and this came in the form of Black Stone Cherry. With the frontman behind the mic for most of their set it was left to the guitarist and bass player to inject some energy into the set and they did a mighty fine job of it. This was amazingly their first ever festival headline set but you wouldn’t have known it. They showed the skills that have got them to where they are and it appears they like playing in the UK so I should get to see them again soon with a little luck. ~ Martin Thomas


You can grab their latest release Kentucky (released April 1st)


Blackstone Cherry set-list:

Me and Mary Jane

Blind Man

In My Blood

Cheaper to Drink Alone

Soul Machine

White Trash Millionaire

Lonely Train

Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)


We’re no stranger to Shinedown (Atlantic Records)- we’ve seen them over the years, even in the UK, and have come to accept and covet they will be around probably as long as cockroaches and Cher. Their show is laced with catchy hits, even if you go into this show without “knowing” them you will have many ah-ha moments of ‘OH THAT SONG!’ Powerhouse ballads, emotional stories, and a helluva show will be in store. They are touring on their latest album Threat to Survival.










Shinedown setlist:


Fly From the Inside

Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)


Asking For It

How Did You Love


Call Me

Creep (Radiohead cover)

I’ll Follow You


State of My Head

Second Chance

Cut the Cord

Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

Sound of Madness


Carnival of Madness tour isn’t over yet, many chances left to spectate and sing at the top of your lungs, and like the rest of us–stay on the edge of your seat. I’m sure next year’s lineup will be just as lit as this one!


View full gallery of the night here.

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