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Cadillac Three at The Blind Tiger

Bringing the Country fuzz to NC

SOLD OUT ALBUM RELEASE PARTY! A phrase any musician would be ecstatic to hear. For Nashville veteran country rockers The Cadillac Three this was the story of the night. Release day for their fourth studio album Country Fuzz had arrived and out on the road for an early date on their current tour, the group made a stop in Greensboro NC. 


The night for most everyone in attendance began as with most concerts, in line. Unfortunately, this night with a cold snap in the area and a packed house all showing up at the same time left most concert-goers with a moment or two to contemplate why they left their jackets in the car. The folks at the door were doing a great job getting everyone in and once it got going the line around the block quickly dwindled.


Unfortunately, even those of us relatively near the front of the line were not inside as local openers Jukebox Rehab were taking the stage but the sound was carrying out the doors and helping to set the vibe early. While I cannot say that I am personally a fan of today’s country music scene, certain artists that do their own thing in the genre always catch my attention. Jukebox Rehab has clearly caught the attention of folks in the NC area as I encountered more than one person that were in attendance as fans of the band helping to set them apart as not just your average local opener. 


Wrapping up the opening set the house had filled and what was advertised as a sold-out show was clearly obvious at this point. Those in attendance near the stage had staked out their spot as the second act of the night, Boy Named Banjo, came on. Introducing themselves and immediately jumping into song a Boy Named Banjo presented their string and harmony-driven sound of well-crafted songs to an enthusiastic crowd. 


Running the gamut from contemporary-sounding country to groove-driven songs with an occasional rhythm reminiscent of Kings Of Leon or a harmony reminiscent of The Avett Brothers the guys in a Boy Named Banjo demonstrated a real craft in songwriting and aptitude with an assortment of instruments. Guitar (electric and acoustic), bass (electric and stand up), mandolin, harmonica, drums, and of course a banjo all made an appearance and showcased the band’s proficiency in understanding what tools are needed in getting the sound they desire for their unique approach. 


Seemingly well-received A Boy Named Banjo put on a great performance but the time had come to get a little rowdier. As mentioned earlier it was album release day for the headliners and that meant it was time to party. Taking the stage with not only red solo cups but a fresh copy of their fourth studio album Country Fuzz, The Cadillac Three walked on with big smiles, hugs, and lots of high fives.


It was clearly a big night for the guys of The Cadillac Three as the excitement was evident in their faces and spilling out into the crowd. Jumping right into their set, the band played a large number of tracks from their new album and the highlight of the night for me was “Slow Rollin”. Released late last year the album cut of the song immediately stood out to me demonstrating a mastery of the country-rock sound but crafted in a way that stands out from the crowd. Even better live, the song takes a different feel as singer-guitarist Jaren Johnston lets his guitar fully embrace the sludge with slide guitarist Kelby Ray filling out the sound and drummer Neil Mason trudging through the track and demonstrating exactly what they mean by Country Fuzz. Balancing out the set with crowd favorites like “White Lightning” and “Bury Me in My Boots” the band showcased their ability in crafting great songs and capped the night for me with their song “Take Me to the Bottom” from their 2017 album Legacy


Next up for the band is a long string of shows in support of their new album Country Fuzz. With national and international dates lined up through the spring and early summer, you can expect to hear a lot more coming from the guys in The Cadillac Three and rest assured that they will likely be coming to a city near you. 


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Photographer Josh Gooch is a North Carolina native and a graduate of Appalachian State, Josh Gooch works in education, teaching graphic design at the community college level. Photography became a passion during his college career, and remained a constant addition to the ever-present soundtrack of life. Privileged to have turned an ear to hip-hop at a young age, after developing a love of music from ‘80s radio, Josh found that the revelation of rock music in high school was what led him to really devote serious amounts of attention to music. From there it was that first club show that sparked an addiction to live music and the exposure to various forms of it during the college years, cementing a love of passion and truth in music. Now, with the ability to combine the passions of photography and music, he hopes to continue to develop a creative voice that others appreciate.

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