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Bye Bye Dutch Balls, Hello Razassa

Dutch Rockers Announce Name Change At Recent Comeback Show

Metal lovers take note! There’s a new band in town that you won’t want to miss. Hailing from the Netherlands, Dutch rockers RAZASSA are ready to assault your senses with their blitzkrieg attack. Unleashing a punishing force of nature, their sound hits you hard,  just like Thor wielding his mighty hammer. Indeed, the god of thunder himself would be impressed with their metal madness. The band’s sound is an amalgam of everything that’s great about metal, from the adrenaline fueled rush of old school thrash to the fury of metalcore and the impressive melodies of classic, hard rock, RAZASSA has it all.

The battle begins with the lightning leads and raucous riffs of guitarists Yme Van Galen and Michael Damen whose axe attacks are nothing short of spectacular. Holding the line and driving the furious pace are the blasting beats of drummer Guyon Kleuters and the brutal bass lines from Maurits Kerkow. On the front lines is vocalist Paul van der Bol whose brain melting screams and soaring vocals surround it all. At this point, you simply must surrender to the fire and fury of their attack, raising your devil horns in the air to salute the metal gods. This is RAZASSA. Check out the clip below from their recent show to experience a little of the madness for yourself.


Up until recently, the name of the band had been Dutch Balls, a unique name for sure, but one that the band felt had run its course. The band revealed the brand new name change at their “We’re F*cking Back Show” in October. When I had the opportunity to chat with Yme prior to the show, he revealed the big secret but swore me to secrecy. Now that the secret has been revealed and the world has been introduced to RAZASSA, we can hear what Yme had to say. Listen in to the link below to hear Yme’s thoughts on the name change and why he felt it was necessary.

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The band is currently working on new music and will have some exciting shows and festivals coming up this year. Stay tuned to Shutter 16 for all the latest details on everything RAZASSA as they move forward in this exciting new chapter of their careers.

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