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Brett Dennen brings the positive vibes to the QC

Brett Dennen Plays Charlotte’s Visulite Theatre

Performances: Brett Dennen, Dean Lewis

Who doesn’t love an inviting and optimistic artist like Brett Dennen? Being in Dennen’s presence alone makes it hard to avoid his contagious positivity. His sweet, soft, voice mixed with passionate songwriting makes for irresistible music that we just can’t help but love. Wednesday night, the red-headed California native returned to Charlotte’s Visulite Theatre for his fifth stop on his 2018 Let’s… Tour, named after his recently released EP “Let’s…”.

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Having released nine albums since 2004, Dennen is a passionate artist making music he loves for the people he loves. “Let’s…” is one of the two EPs Dennen plans to release this year. When fans asked why he is releasing EPs and not an album, Dennen responded “I’m releasing two EPs this year so, it’s like a full album, however, released in two halves.” Throughout the album, there is a theme of fitting in your skin and finding a place to belong. Dennen said “Life is better with friends. So my message is this: let’s get together and be better.”

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Alternative singer/songwriter Dean Lewis is currently on tour with Dennen and opened the night. Having traveled all the way from Australia, Lewis took it upon himself to play the tour solo. With only his voice, a piano, and a guitar, he blew fans away with his melodious delicate voice.

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After playing a few songs on piano, Lewis switched to playing guitar, until his guitar string broke during the first song. Lewis laughed saying “this guitar sounds sick” and went right back to his piano. What’s beautiful about Lewis’ voice is its pure sound and ability to make any venue have an intimate feel. When Lewis returned to piano, he played “Half a Man”, a song that is currently not released in the U.S. Although he had not planned to play the song before his string broke, it seemed to be a fan favorite. Towards the end of the song, Lewis stepped away from the mic and played a verse acapella. The chatter in the crowd quieted as they watched in awe. Lewis played many songs during his set off his “Same Kind of Different” EP which was released in May of 2017. Lewis ended with his most well known song “Waves” which has over 45 million streams on Spotify.

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At 9:00pm. the crowd was filled in and fans were anxious to hear Dennen. Dennen’s band members walked out first, leaving Dennen last, having his own entrance. Fans cheered and sang along as he liberated a honeyed soulful noise. As an artist, winemaker, and avid skier, Dennen’s laid back, effortless presence on stage directly reflected who he is as a person. Dennen did not spare too much time to talk about his music as it seemed he wanted to sing as many songs as possible to the crowd. In fact, he took numerous requests throughout the night from fans. Many of the songs requested were Dennen’s older songs. It appeared as though many of them had been following Dennen since the beginning of his career.

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For a Wednesday night, the show had a great turnout. Dennen noticed this himself and told the crowd: “This is one of the best shows I have ever played… in Charlotte.” He proceeded to tell the crowd “Except for the one time I opened for The Avett Brothers, that was pretty awesome. In fact, I think I even played this room once before, but I don’t remember it… and I remember a lot of things.” This gave the crowd a good laugh.

Brett Dennen-44

Having been listening to Brett Dennen for many years myself, finally seeing him live definitely did not disappoint. Dennen sang many of his upbeat summer-y tunes such as “Already Gone”, “Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)”, and “Sydney (I’ll Come Running)”. Fans danced with Dennen as he turned the Visulite into a care free warm environment. “Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)”, being Dennen’s most popular song, got a great reaction from the crowd. Fans sang along passionately “hey here comes a comeback, the kid is back he’s back on track.”

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As “Let’s…” was released on February 16th and Dennen’s second EP is on the way, Dennen is sure to be appearing throughout the music scene. During the summer he is scheduled to join Jason Mraz on his Good Vibes Tour. If you have yet to attend a Brett Dennen concert I’d highly recommend trying it out. His welcoming fans and easily likable music makes for a great night whether you are an avid concert goer or you are in need of a fun night out.

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