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Breakout Artists of 2018 Hotlist

Breakout Artists of 2018 Hotlist

Tis’ the season where every orifice of your body is leaking some kind of distinct green-colored ooze, your lungs are screaming, and somehow you are supposed to make it out into the world to be the wonderful worker bee you were bred to be. The bags on your face have bags, and you can sneeze the alphabet. Am I right? Well just in time for the body hangover of the 2018 allergy season, here is a playlist of 2018 talents – Or just “The Sick” playlist to pass some time, find new amazing artists to get behind, and let the benadryl kick in. These talents are good enough to instantly give you a shot of that music-medicine to help you get back out into the world same a pack of tissues and blurry eyes. All puns intended.

Throughout the season we will be spotlighting some breakout artists to continue upon this playlist.

Stay tuned!


The leader of the pack, shutter16.fam, head photographer and brain schemer has been a Charlotte based concert photographer since early 2002. Her passion for photography was cultivated by her grandfather, a very well known and decorated war photographer who put the first camera in her very small hands at the age of three.

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