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Breaking Music’s Boundaries with Singer/Songwriter Franklin Boone

An artist for the new year – and new you

ReverbNation artist Franklin Boone is a singer and songwriter from the “Bull City,” Durham, a city with a thriving and diverse musical scene, with Franklin Boone being a perfect example of this. Southern musicians no longer fit into one easy category but it’s all still amazing music. When you hear Franklin  Boone’s name, it’s hard not to expect a country or Americana artist.  I myself immediately expected to hear a melodic twang but Franklin Boone is tough to pin down. His beautifully stripped live rendition of “Joy To The World” turns an overused holiday classic into a spiritual worthy of Hillsong praise.

It’s folksy, almost painfully soul stirring and sung with a voice every church mother prays for in her grandbabies. In 2011 Franklin himself had “a dramatic spiritual encounter, [and]… became a passionate follower of Jesus.” The change in direction of his life is evident throughout his music but not in a pleasant, over-the-top manner that might turn off a secular listener. His songs speak of his faith in a poetic way; faith being a common element in southern music. That’s not to say he’s a “gospel”artist by a long shot.

His 2018 album Hide Me Inside caters to a multitude of listeners without limiting his own artistry. One moment he’s rock/indie, the next jazz then back to bluesy folk or gospel. It borrows from everywhere without sounding jumbled and disheveled in its entirety.

There’s the title track and single “Hide In Me”, which gives you what you expect: a well-crafted Americana vibe. The production is dope – switch ups here and there, and this sort of song goes like bread and butter with his voice. My only complaint is that the song is kind of short. I was hoping for a build up and some vocal stretching from Boone, but it’s still a great song.

“Find The Rhythm” then goes off charted territory, harmonic and soulful. It’s like John Legend doing an indie/pop/electronica song. It’s a unique sound that stands out in all the best ways. The song has more curves than an Instagram model, fitting as it talks about Boone and his lover finding their way in their relationship regardless of the complications being thrown at them. It’s hard to properly explain how this artist manages to squish so many genres perfectly in one song without making you question your listening choices. He even has a trap music break that I promise you isn’t contrived and had my son searching for Boone’s music to download because he thought the song was that good. It was my favorite track off the album hands down and I feel the next representation of the diversifies Boone showcases.

“Everything” starts out like a rock song that blends into a R&B fused love ballad to the creator that you could easily hear being played at a wedding ceremony. The lyrics are light but heartfelt, as are some of the best love songs. When Franklin sings “It’s all you, it’s all you, everything God is you,” you hear those bright vocal tones of his, and this song in particular shows off his voice well.

In “As I See” Franklin asks listeners “Who is like our Lord, kind and Gracious” but this time the song is more pop/electronic. At first listen you almost want to protest, merely because it’s not the norm. Can you really praise God in the midst of an electronica synth beat, even if you throw a little guitar in to smooth it over? Uh yeah, yeah you can! Franklin Boone proves over and over again with Hide In Me that gospel/praise music really has no one sound,  especially when you have such an eclectic artist capable of crossing genres in such a fantastic way. This is album is audio rollercoaster that every music lover should purchase a ticket for. You can buy your download your copy here and be sure to show him some love on his Facebook page as well.

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