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Borns brings Blue Madonna to the Fillmore

Borns brings Blue Madonna to the Fillmore

LA dream pop outfit Børns is making his way through the US in support of his latest release, Blue Madonna.  With two full lengths under his belt, as well as a plethora of festivals, international tours, and live TV performances, Børns is nothing if not practiced. Børns discography can stand alone as a work of art, but the live versions of such spectacles are what dreams are made of. So much so that after donning a Gucci getup while performing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the brand curated a sponsorship with the LA musician. Nothing is more fitting with Børns than a Gucci partnership.

Bringing Twin Shadow on tour to complete the aesthetic of the Blue Madonna tour only furthered the experience, creating musical chaos in the form of synths and twinkling lights.

Twin Shadow opened with his undeniably catchy piece “Brace”. Twinkling synths and harmonies provide the backbone of the song that features Rainsford, and adds to his nostalgically vintage yet modern vibe. Dressed like a bedazzled Bruce Springsteen, Twin Shadow, a.k.a George Lewis Jr. owned the stage in his rhinestone covered jean jacket and cropped track pants with a bandanna for an accessory.

Twin Shadow-14
After catching the audience’s attention, Twin Shadow began to play “Saturdays”, a song that features the infamous, HAIM. The song greatly reminded me of a song that could soundtrack an 80’s high school love story. Although Twin Shadow didn’t sing his most popular song “To The Top”, fans didn’t seem to mind. However, most hadn’t heard of Twin Shadow prior to him coming on stage. Twin Shadow ended his eight song set on “Too Many Colors”.

Twin Shadow-04
Within minutes after his set, it was easy to tell that fans were pleasantly surprised with Twin Shadow being such a talented and entertaining opening. From a critic’s perspective, Twin Shadow was the perfect match for BORNS’ support act. With such a young following, many BORNS fans embraced Twin Shadow’s musical style.

Twin Shadow-02
Børns’ stage consisted of a reflective rainbow set of stairs and matching piano. Completely Børns, the king of all things magical, glittery, and colorful. Continuing the trend of bold fashion during the night and raising the bar for all pop artists, Garrett Borns walked out on stage dressed in a silk button up shirt and silver metallic high waisted pants. Looking as if he was about to walk on the moon and be the most talked about person at fashion week at the same time, the “Electric Love” singer, officially, was the best dressed in the house.

Opening with “Past Lives”, as the song began to play, Børns’ angelic voice echoed through the Fillmore. The screaming from young teen fans was so thunderous that even with earplugs in, it was blaring. When the song shifted post-first verse, from slow and dramatic to upbeat and charismatic, the audience immediately let loose and began the night’s party atmosphere. Børns’ presence was mysterious and mystical with aura that was ever so radiant. Playing “Holy Ghost” directly after “Past Lives”, it only seemed to be the most appropriate song after his iconic opening.

The only cover of the night included Elton John’s “Bennie And The Jets” in which Børns slowed the night down and sat at the piano serenading the crowd. After the first chorus, he then rose form the piano and pranced around the stage. Having covered the song in the past at many concerts and including it on a special Spotify sessions release, many fans knew the song and sang along.

Right after “Bennie And The Jets”, Børns picked up his pink guitar and played a slower version to continue the short but needed and respected lull in the concert. Singing a more leisurely version of “Seeing Stars” he collected flowers from the crowd and slow danced with his bouquet. As the song is usually more upbeat, it was interesting to see the it’s range and ability to evolve from the recorded to live version.

When singing “Man”, Børns introduced it as the aerobic part of the set. As the music began to que in, it was as if the Fillmore instantly turned into a hip jazzercise class. Funky and lighthearted, fans embraced his originality and free spirit.

Before the encore, Børns played “Sweet Dreams”, yet another dance anthem in his discography. The hearthrob connected with fans as he moved from one side of the stage to the next, delighting them as he held their hands, collected more flowers, and let them sing into the mic. As Børns nearly sold out, when it was time for the encore, fans made up for those who would have attended if it was, screaming just as loud and having energy just as high as a sold out show.

Ending on his number one song, “Electric Love”, the song we all love and know so well, fans gave it their all for Børns and Børns gave it his all for the fans. The flower boy sang of his infatuated and natural attraction for his love as he danced one last time with Charlotte. Børns’ ability to craft songs that are beautiful both instrumentally and lyrically, and have people dancing to it is a gift. His songs can’t help but give you the urge to dance.

His live shows are “electric” and addictive. It’s no surprise he is popular within the young crowd due to his high energy and unending swagger. All in all, he’s a talented musician and we recommend going to one of his shows. You’ll thank us in the future.


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