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Blackwater Drowning Return With Violent Ends

Blackwater Drowning Return With Violent Ends

Full throttle metal thrashers Blackwater Drowning return with the first single, “Violent Ends,” off of their new upcoming EP.

Loaded with the type of riffing and rollicking bass that Blackwater Drowning is renown for, “Violent Ends” promises to be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the new EP. “It will be ruthless!” Blackwater Drowning frontwoman Morgan Riley related to me during a brief interview about the new song and the inspiration behind it. “Violent Ends” is pretty ruthless in and of itself, and if this is the tone that is being set for the new (as yet untitled) EP, then it’s shaping up to be a pretty powerful face melting affair.

“The inspiration for it (“Violent Ends”) is basically karma and the consequences of your actions.” stated Morgan while elaborating on the new song. “The lyrics come from personal experiences with people who think they can be awful with their actions and not have it come around to them.” That’s some pretty strong, and easily relatable to, feelings and experiences there. Morgan’s lyrics have always been easily relatable to and strikingly heartfelt, and therein lies the secret weapon behind Blackwater Drowning’s music. For all its intricate aggression and complex signatures, Blackwater Drowning remains organically, personally, and emotionally relatable to through Morgan’s deft delivery and raw themes.

This was the case throughout Blackwater Drowning’s excellent Delusionary EP, and sounds to be the same with the upcoming EP based upon the earblast that is “Violent Ends.” Opening with a nightmarish music box lullaby and launching headlong into a heavy laden riff buoyed by one of Morgan’s full throated growls, “Violent Ends” thunders along both crisply and concisely. Nary a riff or a double bass thump is misplaced or extraneous. “Violent Ends” is perhaps Blackwater Drowning’s most consummate single yet. It smartly showcases all of the band’s strengths, and comes off sounding more aggressive than most of their previous material through its lack of any clean or melodic vocals from Morgan. Hopefully, there will be some more instances of her clean vocal side on the full EP, as both her deliveries are great, but here the song does well without them (minus a short almost spoken word interlude late in the song).

More of what we know and love from Blackwater Drowning, but fiercer yet, if that’s possible, “Violent Ends” will leave us all waiting impatiently for more later this year from one of the regions most talented metal acts.

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