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Blacktop Mojo Launch PledgeMusic Campaign To Bring You Their Third Album

Blacktop Mojo Using PledgeMusic For New Full Length Album

The Texas rockers Blacktop Mojo have announced their PledgeMusic campaign, in a way to work directly with the band’s fanbase to bring their third full length album to the masses. PledgeMusic allows fans the opportunity to support the bands they love directly while allowing musicians to offer up some one of a kind rewards for helping out.

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In this case Blacktop Mojo is offering cool items like signed copies of the new album, exclusive t-shirts, hangout opportunities like fishing with the guys, and even having your name in the album jacket.  

Here is what the band had to say about the campaign:

Hello Friends!!

It’s time for us to make our THIRD RECORD! Time really flies when you’re having fun!

Due to the incredible success of our last campaign, we’ve decided to team up with PledgeMusic and all of you guys again for “Mojo 3” (working title)

As independent artists, everything we do is fan-funded. We don’t have a record label loaning us a ton of money to make a record. With that, comes some financial pitfalls, but it also means NOBODY tells us how to make music for you guys and we think that’s pretty cool!” – Blacktop Mojo

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So if you’re looking for a great opportunity to be a part of a band’s album process, get some cool one-of-a-kind perks for pre-ordering a great record, look no further than Blacktop Mojo because these guys rule! You can support the band on their PledgeMusic page by clicking HERE.

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