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Blackberry Smoke bring Light to the Fillmore NC

Blackberry Smoke bring Light to the Fillmore NC

Bringing a comforting yet gritty classic rock vibe to the masses, Blackberry Smoke has once again embarked on a tour that truly defines how amazing live music can be. We had the pleasure of joining Blackberry Smoke and opening act Brother Hawk at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC at the beginning of their Find The Light tour, celebrating their latest album in which the tour is named after. With now seven albums under their belt, they’ve more than proved that this American rock band from Georgia has got what it takes to get your speakers pumping and your feet tapping. The boys in the band include lead vocalist/guitar Charlie Starr, guitar/vocals Paul Jackson, bass/vocals Richard Turner, drums Brit Turner, and on keyboards Brandon Still.

Brother Hawk 7

Our night began with one hell of a set from Brother Hawk who hail from Atlanta, GA. Led by JB Brisendine, this band of four brings an energy level that really exceeds what you would want from an opening band.

Brother Hawk 5

From beginning to end these guys were rocking out while also delivering some incredible guitar solos.

Brother Hawk 13

They truly left it all on the stage. It’s easy to see why Blackberry Smoke would choose them to be part of the tour and amp up the crowd, although they could easily be a headlining act themselves.

Brother Hawk 4

Which just may very well be the case later on this year after the release of their album ‘The Clear Lake’ dropping on May 11th.

Blackberry Smoke 19

After the instruments were tuned and the haze continued to fill the air it was finally time for the main show to commence. Then it happens… you know, the moment. The house lights go down. The crowd begins to roar. Slowly you see the shadows, as members of the band begin to take their place. The chants, the yells, the excitement rises even higher. All members are on stage now, the crowd grows louder, then just a tad softer with anticipation… finally… BAM.

Blackberry Smoke 7

The strum of a guitar and the sound of a drum kit sends us soaring on a musical journey for what will be a 90 minute set filled with hits from each of the bands albums. From the moment you first hear Blackberry Smoke, you are immediately transported to a place that gives the feeling of being outside on a cool summer night while surrounded by good friends, a bonfire, lighting bugs (or fireflies depending on which part of the world your imagination lives), all while maybe holding a cold one. While their music and sound is one of their own, others may say they have a sound similar ranging from The Allman Brothers to Black Sabbath.

Blackberry Smoke 4

One thing I Ioved seeing during this show was how the crowd couldn’t help but to sway their bodies and stomp their feet as the guitar riffs and the soulful sounds filled the venue. While the entire set brought smiles to the faces that surrounded me, myself included, some of the standout moments of the night often included some insane guitar solos by Charlie Starr and Paul Jackson that have the power to make you forget everything else going on in your life or in the world around you and make you feel as if just for an hour and a half you truly had “Run Away From It All”.

Blackberry Smoke 9

You don’t want to miss the chance to see these guys live, the Find A Light Tour runs through August and wraps up in Toledo, OH. If that’s not enough for you, they will also be on tour this summer with JJ Grey & MOFRO, both doing full sets each night. That leg of the tour kicks off June 15th in Portsmouth, VA and continues through August 10th in Chesterfield, MO.

Blackberry Smoke 1

While also supporting Lynyrd Skynyrd on the Last Of The Street Survivors Farewell Tour on select dates through September. They’re not stopping there though because in October they kick off the European leg of the tour. Get your tickets now! Don’t let your opportunity to see this band go ‘Up In Smoke

Blackberry Smoke Setlist The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC, USA 2018, Find a Light Tour

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