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Black Stone Cherry’s Family Tree tour rolls through their home state

Since stepping on to the scene back in 2005, the guys in Black Stone Cherry have been working to release music that fans can have to jam to on any given occasion, but also something they themselves can be proud of. John Fred, Chris, Ben and Jon established the foundation of this band back in their early teens. Not looking back, they have built on that foundation to create something that is so pure and badass, we can all agree has that 100% pure American vibe. Developing themselves over the last 12 years to find happiness and who they are now as a band, with the release of their sixth studio album Family Tree, Black Stone Cherry has found “divine intervention” according to guitarist Wells.

Chris, Ben, Jon, and John Fred have been blazing a trail that is never easy in the industry, but has come with ease for the Edmonton, Kentucky band! The guys are making a statement with this tour, promoting their new record, playing each show if it was they’re biggest, and you’re all invited down to The Family Tree.

With inclement weather on the docket for the show, not one person was affected or seemed to mind as the fans stayed lined up and ready to have their faces melted by Kentucky’s own Black Stone Cherry.

Fans 13 (1 of 1)

On this run with Black Stone Cherry, two very talented bands, Otis and Shaman’s Harvest are our supporting the guys. A lineup that was perfect for a night like tonight.

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First to the Manchester Music Hall stage was another Kentucky band, Otis. Taking to the Lexington crowd with energy and excitement, the guys played one hell of a show that will open up a lineup for the ages.

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If you’ve never seen Otis before definitely find a show and buy some tickets! You won’t be let down!

The crowd was growing more and more excited as Shaman’s Harvest stepped up to the stage and struck lighting upon the Kentucky crowd.

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Belting out some of their huge hits and even taking it down for a good ballad, Nathan Hunt and company put on a show that made the fans want even more!

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The rain came down hard on us tonight, but that did not matter at all! It was time for some Black Stone Cherry. The lights dropped and the boys came on to the stage with a ferocity that most bands would not even have at this stage in the industry. That means absolutely nothing to Black Stone Cherry; the boys play every show as if it was their first, not pulling any punches and playing with a vitality we were not expecting.

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Energy, excitement, sensational stage presence, and decimating all notions that this would be “just another show”, Black Stone Cherry dug into the stage at Manchester Music Hall lighting up the fans who’ve waited patiently in the pouring rain for a kick ass show!

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With a massive 22 song set, John Fred Young, Chris, Jon and Ben played into each song with just as much passion, fire, and fury like we have never seen. “Hometown shows are always special for us.” said Jon Lawhon. Special is the biggest understatement for the type of show we were all treated to. When you play as many shows as these guys have, you imagine they would be tired or at least show they’re tired; this was most definitely not the case for tonight’s performance.

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There was a fire lit tonight, playing like a band possessed – Black Stone Cherry let the lead out and dialed in to ten. Blowing us all away with some very rare performances of some older tunes and treating us to many new ones!

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Kicking things off with “Burnin’ The Wild Man”, John Fred Young began playing his ass off, with thumping bass from Jon Lawhon, and Chris and Ben taking to the front shredding on guitar and leaving us all with our faces blown back into the back bar. Black Stone Cherry really blew us all away, playing with gusto and passion!

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Showing what kind of poised musicians they are, amidst a fight in the crowd, about people, Chris stopped the show like he got them brakes at Pep Boys, addressing his concerns and making certain that the people held responsible were escorted out by the venue staff of security and checking on everyone that was around or affected by this scuffle. Not letting that damper the night, Robertson had this to say: “We have no room for that shit and we want to have a damn good time so is everyone okay? Because we can wait all night. Let’s have some damn fun and be responsible y’all!”

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Picking up and playing through the storm outside and feeding off their home state crowd, Black Stone Cherry delivered a performance that was more thunderous than any weather that could’ve been laid down on us all.

Rounding out their set with the title track “Family Tree”, Jon, Ben, Chris and John Fred left it all on stage and then some! If you weren’t at this show, you missed a barn burner! Someone shook the Family Tree tonight having us all fall down and hit every branch on the way down!

See Black Stone Cherry on your in support of their new record Family Tree!

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