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Black Label Society: Who? (Bonus: GIVEAWAY!)

Like you don’t already know.

But in case you need a refresher…

Black Label Society is one of the heaviest metal bands to date, hailing from LA and is the product of a Zakk Wylde brainstorm session. With ten studio albums, two live albums, and one EP under their belt, the group are no strangers to the big stage. How could they been when they’ve just stepped off of the infamous heavy metal cruise, ShipRocked!?

The quartet, who formed nearly twenty years ago, are currently on the road supporting their tenth record, Grimmest Hits, a record that has been making ripples in the airwaves across the globe. Don’t let this hard hitting albums name fool you. Grimmest Hits is not a roundup of the group’s most popular tracks. Twelve new glorious songs including “Room of Nightmares,” and “Bury Your Sorrow,” and “The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away.”

With a new album comes the release of several music videos, and as we all know, BLS has a habit of incorporating their sometimes dark yet hilarious views and opinions into theirs. The video for “Room of Nightmares” brings about an epic birthday party that we would have loved to have been invited too.

Black Label Society are set to play the Ritz Raleigh on Jan. 28, and I’m just going to say it: it’s gonna be a ruckus. And we can’t wait!

Want a snag a pair of free tickets? We’ve got ya covered!


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