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Barricaded in with Wolf Alice and The Big Pink at Visulite

Barricaded in with Wolf Alice and The Big Pink at Visulite

Wolf Alice with special guests The Big Pink at the Visulite Theatre in Charlotte, NC.

Photos by: Kevin McGee

The double edged sword of the blessing of having a photo pit and it having a dual meaning peaked our interest for the night. What were we about to see? Our photographer booty danced (as much as you can to a synth dream like Wolf Alice) a bit around the area with a camera and a willingness to let his hair down. The band tends to demand you get up out of your seat, off the bar, and away from the depths of the shadows, and let it all hang out. Some people are tuning in and wondering who the hell this Wolf Alice character is, so let us inform you – they are complete badasses.

Wolf Alice - 13

We’re not totally sure where the singular persona came from, but let it be know that Wolf Alice are a functional, well-oiled, totally dreamy band of indie-pop pals. Like, come on, those chunky deep bass with dual vocals, and a drummer who keeps pace with the best of them? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Wolf Alice - 09

The band are currently out and about supporting their latest release Visions of Live, touring in parts of the U.S. that have definitely never heard of Wolf Alice, but are about to be #blessed. Think emo-snyth meets Lana Del Ray. But cooler. Somehow.

The Big Pink - 10

Fellow EU pals The Big Pink kicked off the night with their signature electric rock magic.

The Big Pink - 07

The best part of about this band is that all musicians are multi-talented.

The Big Pink - 01

They dabble here and there with a wide array of musical tools, and it shows in their music.

The Big Pink - 02

No boundaries or limitations in music is the best kind of music.  

Wolf Alice - 05

You have a chance to catch Wolf Alice on this side of the pond until June first where they culminate their American tour in NY, NY. Then head on over to France, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland,Belgium, Italy, UK, Greece, and more!

Wolf Alice - 07

If you are coming with us next week to Welcome to Rockville (4/29), we can all dance til we cry as Wolf Alice are performing then. See you in the pit!

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