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Baroness with War on Women at The Underground

Baroness have been on tour this summer with a rotating cast of heavy hitters in support, and as they draw their US tour to a close the band made a stop in Charlotte NC to a welcoming crowd.


Touring in support of their new release Gold and Grey, Baroness brought with them hard core punk band War on Women to the wonderful venue “The Underground at the Fillmore Charlotte”.


Much like this tour the summer is winding down and on this relaxed Tuesday night it was refreshing to make it out the AvidXchange Music Factory, which houses The Underground and many other entertainment facilities, to find that relatively few events were going on.


A welcome change from the usual hustle and bustle of the complex and shockingly free of parking charges, getting in and out this night was a breeze. As mentioned earlier, The Underground is a great place to catch a show where you can get surprisingly intimate access to the stage or hang out in the rear and get great sound and a good view all around.


As a photographer it can be a bit awkward to be so close to the acts and stage with a very shallow pit but this also provides the opportunity for unique interactions especially when the acts are engaging, and it really gives the fans an intimate presence with the acts which they seem to love.


This night was no different with opening band War On Women taking the stage with full force ferocity.


Labeling themselves as “co-ed feminist hardcore-punk”, War On Women bring their message and attitude to the stage and beyond inspiring not just through music alone but through action.


Ripping through a high energy set as any proper hardcore-punk band should, War On Women set a proper tone for the evening. 


Like all good headliners Baroness gave ample time between sets and allowed for the crowd to amp themselves for the barrage of riffage to come.


Taking the stage to cheers from the crowd Baroness took a moment of build up with ambient guitar, sound, and lighting and provided atmosphere much like they do on their albums before exploding in to full on rock.


Showcasing a passion and enthusiasm within each song frontman John Dyer Baizley and guitarist Gina Gleason seemingly pour their heart, and sometimes soul out, to deliver each track.


Bassist Nick Jost and drummer Sebastian Thomson drive the rhythm forward underpinning the groove heavy flow keeping the crowd grounded and breaking out into their own jams throughout.


Barreling through a list of fan favorites new and old, Baroness kept the crowd in a pretty constant state of head banging with eyes focused on the consistent shred of guitar and swaying with the groove. 


Next for Baroness is a leg of the tour through Europe for the next three months that finds them travelling all over from the United Kingdom to Sweden as they continue in support of Gold and Grey.


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Photographer Josh Gooch is a North Carolina native and a graduate of Appalachian State, Josh Gooch works in education, teaching graphic design at the community college level. Photography became a passion during his college career, and remained a constant addition to the ever-present soundtrack of life. Privileged to have turned an ear to hip-hop at a young age, after developing a love of music from ‘80s radio, Josh found that the revelation of rock music in high school was what led him to really devote serious amounts of attention to music. From there it was that first club show that sparked an addiction to live music and the exposure to various forms of it during the college years, cementing a love of passion and truth in music. Now, with the ability to combine the passions of photography and music, he hopes to continue to develop a creative voice that others appreciate.

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