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Barns Courtney Brought The Fire To The 9:30 Club As Part Of His 404 Tour

Washington, DC

What’s up, everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood ginger back again but this time the neighborhood is in DC. Recently I returned to the incredible and famous 9:30 Club for another night of music. The star of the show for the evening in question was Barns Courtney, a young gentleman straight from England who set out on tour in support of his brand new album “404” which released on September 6th. 


If you’ve never visited the 9:30 Club it’s important to know that for the most part, it’s a General Admission venue that consists of a floor and upper-level balconies so no matter where you are the view is pretty great. This night in particular fans were filing in early to prepare for the evening of music. To get things started was another band from across the pond named The Hunna.


As they began you could immediately feel the energy in the room increase. They are an alternative rock band that balances somewhere in between Fall Out Boy and Nothing But Thieves yet still stand on their own. This is a group that rocks out on stage headbanging and guitar thrusting included. After being screwed over by their last record label just two weeks prior to the show they were finally allowed to release new music under their new management. One of those songs being “IGHTF”. The band encouraged the crowd to sing along as loud as they could so the “dirty bastards” from the UK could hear The Hunna all the way from DC. 


Throughout their set they keep the crowd engaged as they also showed their appreciation from them coming out to the show as well as inviting everyone out for when they tour as headliners in the future. They went on to mention how the crowd from DC had been the nicest ones yet on this tour. They then went on to sing some of their older songs which showcased the fans in the audience as you could hear the room singing along as they played “She’s Casual” and “Bonfire”. They then ended their set with an unreleased song that had the entire room jumping around as lead singer Ryan bounced around the stage matching the audience’s energy. 


Shortly after wrapping their set, stagehands began to prep the stage for Barns Courtney. In the meantime, you could look around the space and see a variety of ages ranging from 7-70 that all came together on a Saturday night to listen to live music. As the stage was being set you could hear songs such as “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams,” Welcome to the Black Parade” and “Beverly Hills,” all creating a sing a long moment in the venue. 


The time had arrived, the lights dropped and on walked Barns Courtney to the stage. Wearing a red leather jacket and no undershirt you could tell things were about to get sweaty and that they did. To begin he hit the crowd with a song titled “Fun Never Ends” straight off of the new album. In the photo pit, you could hear and feel the fans excitement as they were jumping up and down and singing along with this high energy performer. Bringing some fancy dance moves that felt inspired by Mick Jagger it was easy to see from the first song we were in for a hell of a show. Continuing through the set he kept the levels at 11 as he performed “Hobo Rocket” and soon after made a comment saying “this is f*#king nuts! I have never played a headlining show in DC this full before,” proving his career is only continuing to grow.  


Taking a moment to slow it down he hit us with “Little Boy” which is one of the songs off a previous album titled “The Attractions of Youth”. It wasn’t long after this song though that we got back to the rocking and hopping vibes including his first-ever single “Glitter & Gold” which climbed the charts a few years back. He kicked it off by amping up the crowd even more by strumming a chord and throwing his hand up commanding the audience to yell, bouncing from the left side to the right. With this, the room was then covered in a golden glow accented by the mirror ball placed above the stage as he began the song. 


Before closing out the night he made sure to take us all higher than we had been throughout the night as he asked the crowd whose first time it was seeing him live. The majority of the crowd raised their hands, obviously disappointed they hadn’t seen him sooner. He played to the crowd even more as the song “Kicks” began. Eventually, he found himself on the edge of the barricade asking fans to come closer and closer before jumping into the crowd to do a little surfing himself. Upon his return to the stage, he knew there was only one way to close out the show and it was with a little “Fire”. After the first verse, he told everyone in the audience to get low… lower…and lower. He then stepped over the barricade and told everyone to stay low, meanwhile, he was the only one standing in this massive crowd of squatting fans. Then as the chorus came in everyone jumped up and bounced creating an amazing moment to say goodbye and goodnight to. 


You can catch Barns Courtney as he continues his US leg of the tour through October before going overseas for the remainder of the 404 Tour. 

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