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Balance & Composure create chaos at the Underground

Everyone lost their cool at B&C…

Photos by Brian Twitty  | Words by Sheila Walsh

The PA music scene has always been killing it, what with The Menzingers and Tigers Jaw emerging from the scene over the years, but veteran emo rockers Balance and Composure are the latest to hit up CLT’s newest venue, The Underground. With the help of From Indian Lakes and Queen of Jeans, Balance and Composure’s Spring 2017 tour, in support of their latest release Light We Made, is set to be one of the top acts to pass through the AvidXchange Music Factory in 2017.

QofJ (6 of 6)

Hailing from Balance and Composure’s homestate, Queen of Jeans is the first band to take the stage each night. With their self-proclaimed (and rightfully so) “denimcore and crockpot pop” tunes and their youthful stage presence, I couldn’t think of a better way to warm up a crowd looking to crowd surf the night away.

QofJ (2 of 6)

Queen of Jean’s latest self-titled full-length is the reason this feminist quartet is climbing up the industry ladder, and opening for Balance and Composure is only speeding up the process. We can only hope these Queens will being headlining a set in CLT soon!

FIL (10 of 15)

Directly supporting Balance and Composure is CA’s From Indian Lakes.

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Growing up in rural Cali has taken its toll on vocalist Joey Vannucchi, who writes, performs, and produces the band’s music.

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With several touring members, From Indian Lakes demonstrates their pure musicianship as their set explores a large array of genres and sounds.

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The band’s first two albums, The Man with Wooden Legs (2009) and Able Bodies (2012), were released independently; however, From Indian Lakes would not have to make do for long as Triple Crown swooped in and released their next two works, 2014’s Absent Sounds and 2016’s Everything Feels Better Now.

B&C (9 of 22)

Balance and Composure headlined CLTs newest venue, which by the way, has low ceilings and a hardly three feet of space between the barricade and the stage.

B&C (11 of 22)

The ruckus that occurred during their set was a surprise to no one, but that didn’t diminish the excitement of it all. Screaming lyrics in your favorite band’s face is not a bad way to finish a night out.

B&C (15 of 22)

Their most recent release, a 7” for RSD entitled “Slow Heart,” has been the talk of the emo scene, and for good reason.

B&C (13 of 22)

If this is where Balance and Composure are headed, I’m all in. Light We Made is the newest full-length from the PA band, and fans are hopeful a new record this winter.

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