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Badflower Prove Their Rock Music’s Next Big Thing In Asbury Park


Ever since Badflower struck internet gold with their song “Heroin” and their 2019 album OK, I’M SICK became one of the biggest records in rock music, things have continued to go upward for the Los Angeles based band.

Badflower 20_

Not only have they won the hearts of fans around the world, but they’ve also been backed by Big Machine Records & fashion icon John Varvatos’s label John Varvatos Records. Badflower also spent the summer on the road with Shinedown and has recently been named the face of the John Varvatos star brand. 

Badflower 12

None of this should come as a surprise, while rock acts from the ’90s and early 2000s are making revivals, Badflower offers a fresh take and sound of their own to the rock genre. The band came through Asbury Park, NJ’s House of Independents on October 30th and we were there to catch the action.

Support for the night came from another LA-based band Weathers

Weathers 1

Weathers took to the stage for their first time in New Jersey and boy did the Asbury crowd shock them. Cameron Boyer, Cameron Olsen, Cole Carson, and Brennen Bates were in awe at moments from the support they were receiving in Jersey. 

Weathers 5

Fans sang along to the words of songs like “I’m Not Ok” and “Lonely Vampire”, Boyer with a look of pure joy on his face couldn’t stop smiling. The band’s set was dimly lit and at times heavy with red light but it set the ambiance for the band’s energetic and relentless performance. 
Boyer moved around the stage effortlessly with the charisma of some of rock music’s greatest frontmen, proving these guys are meant to be stars and are the perfect pairing with Badflower.  

The band was tight, fun, and sounded huge for playing a smaller room. The band wrapped up their set to a roaring ovation from the sold-out crowd. I expect to hear from these guys much more in the future. The sound is there so is the stage presence and fan support. Weathers will be heading out on the road in February with Echosmith, which is another can’t miss tour. Check out the band’s upcoming tour dates and more on their official website HERE!

Closing out the night was Badflower. The guys took to the stage with a hilarious intro regarding text messages from a boy to his friend about getting caught in the act, with… HIMSELF. 

Badflower 13

The crowd erupted with laughter and set the tone perfectly for the rest of the night. The band began the set with “Wide Eyes” and “x ANA x.” Badflower right from the start was damn near impressive. I’ve predicted big things for bands in the past cough… Ghost, Cough… Greta Van Fleet, you know those bands who are playing arenas and opening for Metallica? But I digress.  Badflower will without a doubt be an arena band and not so long from now either.

Badflower 18_

Singer Josh Katz is phenomenal live. I absolutely love a band and especially a vocalist who can sound great in the studio but elevate to new levels during a live performance. In fact, the entire band is really good live, stage presence, the chemistry between members it really makes the show have perfect harmony. 

Badflower 22

The guys’ personalities defied my expectations as well. They’re humble, funny and filled with gratitude towards their fans. For a band whose music focuses so much on sadness, heartache, and misery, they’re actually really cool guys. 

Badflower’s performance delivers passion for all the songs but some stand out moments come to mind like during the politically fueled track “Die” and the more tuned down and somber track “24”. Katz and company had some surprises for Asbury Park as well, first being bringing up a fan from the crowd to play the track “Animal” which was a blast to witness. Then the band performed “Girlfriend” joined by guest Chloe Chaidez of Kitten. The set also consisted of a Grammy nod of sorts with a version of Billie Eilish’s “Bury a Friend” and a really great cover of “Champagne Supernova”

Badflower 33

Katz at one point was being humbly open that they believe they can sell out larger venues and they most definitely can and will. The guys closed out the night in relatively unheard of fashion with choosing to end the night with encores that included their three biggest tracks “Heroin”, “Ghost” and “Promise Me” which all elevated the decibel level in House of Independents thanks to much-deserved crowd participation.  

See full gallery of the night here!

Check out the complete setlist from the night below:

Badflower Setlist House of Independents, Asbury Park, NJ, USA 2019, OK, I’m Sick

Badflower will now head overseas to perform dates in Germany, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom before heading back stateside for a handful of dates in December.  For more information visit the band’s official website at 

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