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Avenged Sevenfold Unleash Gigantic line up on State College, PA

The Stage World Tour

What do you get when you bring three of the best bands in hard rock together? The answer is Avenged Sevenfold’s The Stage World Tour! Avenged Sevenfold have been quite the busy bunch, in 2016 the band released “The Stage” the follow up to the bands highly successful “Hail To The King” and recently they’ve released a deluxe version that features live tracks as well as their version of the Pink Floyd classic “Wish You Were Here, which you can purchase HERE.


Ever since A7X have been on the road promoting the record, not only did they embark on their own headlining run, but they also spent the summer of 2017 supporting the mighty Metallica in stadiums across the country.

Now the band has unleashed round two of “The Stage World Tour” and with a little help from their friends Breaking Benjamin and Bullet For My Valentine, the band is setting out to wreak havoc all across North America.

I made my way out the college town and home of Penn State University, known as State College, PA. As I arrived to the Bryce Jordan Center, it was bitter cold but that didn’t stop fans from lining up all around the campus. Some clearly Penn State students and other non-students who just couldn’t miss such a well rounded tour. I checked in and as I walked into the surprisingly large arena (It seats about 15,000) I was in awe at the size of the production before the first note was ever played. The stage itself features a large cat walk that comes out through the middle of the arena floor, a really cool touch if I may add.


As the clock hit 6:25, the lights went down and out came the boys from Wales Bullet For My Valentine. The band came to the stage with what seemed like pure excitement, with a full banner that spelled their initials BFMV. The band opened their set with the fan favorite “Your Betrayal,” and singer Matt Tuck wasted no time running down the catwalk with guitar in hand.


Bullet’s lighting was some of the best I’ve seen from them and the strobe effect went incredibly well with their fast pace high energy performance. The band has definitely not forgotten how to interact with their fans, reaching for a high five whenever possible.


The band shredded their way through a 40-minute set which included songs like “The Last Fight,” “Waking The Demon,” and of course the bands hit “Tears Don’t Fall,” Bullet is one of those bands that you have to see live; as good as these songs are on record it just doesn’t compare to seeing them do it live.


Once the band wraps up this tour, they will be appearing on the festival circuit this summer. Catch them at Rock On The Range, Carolina Rebellion, and Welcome To Rockville just to name a few.


Next up were hard rock heavy hitters Breaking Benjamin. The band appears on the tour fresh off of releasing their new single “Red Cold River,” with fans hoping for the new album Ember in the not too distant future.


The band made their way to the stage to what sounded like a pulse, when the intro to “So Cold” began. Singer Ben Burnley made his way to the front of the catwalk and as the song hit smoke and red lights filled the stage. If you’ve ever seen Breaking Benjamin live, you know the stage is very dimly lit with almost no light on Burnley. This is not for aesthetic by the way Ben suffers from a medical condition which is aggravated by the stage lights; however dark the stage maybe the band makes up for it by being one of the tightest in the rock world.


The band hammered through about an hour long set filled with hit’s like “Angels Fall,” “Sooner or Later,” “Breath,” “The Diary of Jane,” and an awesome melody featuring covers like “Schism” by Tool, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana, and “Walk” by Pantera.


I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Breaking Benjamin quite a few times and once again they didn’t disappoint. In fact I think it was their best I’ve seen so far from them.


Finally the main event of the night! I was incredibly excited to catch this set by Avenged Sevenfold. The band has always been phenomenal live, making them an attraction for fans both new and old. As the intro began, three large screens light up on stage illuminating the band’s signature logo a skull with bat wings, as the sound of lightning crashing echoes through the arena along with perfectly timed strobe lights burst to add an incredibly realistic effect.


The band made their way one by one to roars from the packed Pennsylvania crowd, as guitarist Synyster Gates began playing the first notes to the opening song “The Stage.”

Singer M.Shadows ran out on to the stage and headed right for the catwalk where the band would frequent for the first part of the show.


The back screens illuminated space scenes and color patterns; red, blue, and purple lights filled the stage at times along with smoke being shot up from all corners of the stage. It’s safe to say, these guys have put together an incredible production for these shows.


At anytime you would catch Shadows running back and forth across the stage, or guitarist Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance shredding away together on the catwalk. Bassist Johnny Christ even made his way out to join his band of brothers to have some fun. The band managed to interact with fans quite a bit during their set, which isn’t easy in a large arena. The band played for a whopping two hours and gave you a ton of bang for your buck.


The setlist included fan favorites “AfterLife,” “Beast and The Harlot,” “Nightmare,” and of course “Bat Country,” plus a ton more! I was seriously impressed with this live show; honestly, every band killed during their set.


The Stage World Tour was highly anticipated and I have to say I know understand why. All the band’s brought their A-game and delivered for the fans. In my opinion this tour is a serious contender for one of the best of 2018.


I highly recommend seeing this show whether you’re a fan of all three bands or not, it’s something special. Avenged and company will make their way through the U.S and Canada with the tour wrapping up February 17th in Vancouver, BC. Check out the full list of dates below, as of right now the only other scheduled date for Avenged Sevenfold is an appearance at Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville, FL on April 27th.

See full gallery of the night here.

Quebec, QC, Canada
Tour eventSun 6:25 PM4,903 guests
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Tour eventMon 6:25 PM4,725 guests
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Tour eventThu 6:25 PM CST13,303 guests
Tour eventSat 6:25 PM CST7,816 guests
Tour eventMon 6:25 PM CST18,466 guests
Tulsa, OK
Tour eventWed 6:25 PM CST15,777 guests
Tour eventFri 6:25 PM CST16,603 guests
North Little Rock, AR
Tour eventSat 6:25 PM CSTBrandon Scott Hanks is going
Evansville, IN
Wichita, KS
Tour eventThu 6:25 PM CST12,431 guests
Tour eventFri 6:25 PM CST17,493 guests
Cedar Rapids
Sun 6:25 PM CST4,598 guests
Fargo, ND
Tour eventMon 6 PM CST5,098 guests
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Tour eventWed 6 PM UTC-064,183 guests
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Tour eventThu 6 PM UTC-078,620 guests
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Tour eventSat 6 PM PST6,789 guests
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Fri 12 AM3,795 guests
Jacksonville, FL



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