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August Burns Red and Born of Osiris Bring The Phantom Anthem to Starland Ballroom

The Phantom Anthem Tour

What happens when two of the biggest names in metalcore team up? You get The Phantom Anthem Tour. The tour is one of the most hyped of 2018 so far as both bands are at the top of their genre. In addition to August Burns Red and Born of Osiris the tour also features fairly new up and comer Erra.


August Burns Red (Fearless Records) have consistently defied their perceived potential with every album and tour the band has done; that’s what makes them so appealing to the masses. The band has come to consistently impress fans through their albums and leave concert goers in awe at their evolutionary live show with every album cycle. The Pennsylvania quintet led by frontman Jake Luhrs began their journey in 2003 on the family farm of drummer Matt Greiner, with constant jam sessions and diehard work ethic the band transformed into the giant Grammy nominated powerhouse we know today. The band pushed their way through the thresholds of heavy music with constant touring and a series of critically acclaimed albums. In 2015 the band released Found In Far Away Places, the album that marked their second consecutive Top 10 debut on the Billboard Top 200. The album’s single “Identity” landed the band a nomination for a Grammy in “Best Metal Performance” category; the single went on to reach over 3 million streams on Spotify.


When it came time for ABR to record their eighth full length album titled Phantom Anthem the band once again found themselves with longtime producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland. The goal was once again to evolve and write the best songs the band can. They’ve always made it a point to raise the bar and push the boundaries. The Phantom Anthem features infectious energy which brings the band’s signature style to new heights! The album raises the bar with just the band being itself. The album’s first single “Invisible Enemy” features an onslaught of screams and searing solo which feels like plunging head first into a firework show, in a good way! Don’t believe me? Checkout the album Here and decide for yourself!

August Burns Red – Invisible Enemy Music video


Born of Osiris (Sumerian Records) are not the band to overlook. The Chicago-based metal band have grown through the years with dedication to the bands bond and goal of creating art together has only fueled the band into overdrive. The band has risen through the ranks by sharing the stage with the likes of Judas Priest and Rob Zombie. Born of Osiris have seen basically seen every album since their debut landed in the top 100 find success with listeners worldwide. Their 2013 release Tomorrow We Die Alive earned the band their highest Billboard Top 200 when the album landed at number 27 after selling 13,000 copies in the first week.


In 2015 BOO would release Soul Sphere. The album found the guys connecting on a different level then nearly every album in band almost decade long career. The album features polyrhythmic guitars and burst of orchestral electronics; the album maintains the band’s sound while adding a new kind of fiery behind it. Thick grooves and walls of distortion shape the bands musical existence and find the band continue to push decade long barriers.

In 2017 the band re-released their critically acclaimed “The New Reign” which was newly dubbed “The Eternal Reign” as a special 10 year anniversary gift to fans. You can purchase the album Here and blast it on your way one of the bands shows!

We here at Shutter not only aim to cover shows our readers love but also artist we believe in, so naturally when The Phantom Anthem tour was announced the metal head in me had to be there!

As I arrived to Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ or Slayerville as everyone calls it, I was met with my first sign of hope for the night. A sign that I was meant to be there: a Pork Roll truck and a lot of metal heads enjoying the greasy breakfast food. For those of you not from New Jersey Taylor Ham or Pork Roll (depending on what part of the state you’re from) is what we were known for before that awful MTV show.


As I made my way into the venue, the show was just beginning and the opener was Sumerian Records own Erra. I had always heard quite a bit about the band as they have opened up for notable acts like Periphery, The Contortionist  and now obviously this tour.


The moment they hit the stage my attention was immediately grabbed, the bands energy is infectious and the crowd was loving every minute of it. They performed fan favorites like “Irreversible” and “Hybrid Earth” as fans moshed and crowd surfed before the band wrapped up their final song of the night “Skyline”. I’m sure you’ll be seeing the band on many more large tours in the future and I would definitely check them out if they come to your area.

Next up was the Sumerian Records veterans Born of Osiris, as the band made there way to the stage the venue was pitch black. Rumbles of thunderous bass filled the ballroom and with the strike of a bass drop the band rushed to the stage. The bands guitarist Lee Mckinney, bassist David DaRocha and vocalist Ronnie Canizaro stood tall on the risers that went across the front of the stage. Lighting looked like blue lasers shooting out from the blackness of the stage and the crowd immediately began crowd surfing faster than security could keep up with. As BOO played their opening song “Divergency” which was the first of eleven from the bands direct support set, was just the beginning of the craziness.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a circle pit that big in Starland. The band’s set is played mostly backlit with occasional burst of white lights from the crowd it creates a silhouette feel. Songs included “The Other Half of Me”. “Bow Down”, “Two Worlds of Design” and the finale which sent the BOO Crue into a frenzy “Machine”.


It’s honestly been years since I’ve seen Born of Osiris but time has not slowed these guys down, they have even more energy and drive now then when I saw them a few years prior. They made me a fan again and I look forward to paying closer attention to these guy’s as they continue to deliver insanely powerful performances.


The night’s headliner of course, metalcore legends August Burns Red were last but certainly not least. The energy in the room quickly rose during the set change and right before the final set of the night began the venues PA speakers began blasting “Chop Suey” by System of a Down. The crowd sang along at the top of their lungs and on cue as the song ended the screen in front of the stage rose and cheers could be heard like surround sound as the opening chords of “King of Sorrow” began. I literally saw crowd surfers coming over into the photo pit before the stage lights came on, the crowd had been waiting for ABR and together they were gonna make this a night to remember. On the second song of the set “Empire” vocalist Jake Luhrs screamed to the packed New Jersey crowd “Jersey are you with us?” in response kids began flying through the air while the fans up against the barricade sang every word as if it were there song. ABR steam rolled through songs like “The Frost” and “Spirit Breaker”, before going into the fifth song of the night Luhrs told the crowd

“New Jersey Thank you! Every time we come here, you show up and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts”.


A statement that speaks volumes about the bands longevity and the loyalty of their fans, the theme of the night was just really good vibes. The band’s performance is as great as ever oftentimes songs sounded better than the album versions and the band never let the energy dip. Highlights of the set include songs like “Invisible Enemy”, “Beauty in Tragedy” and “Float”. The almost 90 minute set comes to a close but not before and encore that includes a drum solo and the songs “Dangerous” and “Composure”. This band always has been and continues to be a must see act, you will never leave and ABR show disappointed maybe a bit bruised but definitely not disappointed.


You can catch the final shows of The Phantom Anthem Tour as it hits Massachusetts and New York City before wrapping in Philadelphia on February 18th. August Burns Red will be performing as part of A Day To Remember’s Self Help Fest in California on March 3rd before making their way oversees for dates in March.  

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