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Assimilation’s Matt Chanway releases instrumental album

Thoughts on Cahnway’s self-titled release

Matt Chanway via Facebook

Matt Chanway, guitarist for Canada’s thrash metal band Assimilation, has released a progressive instrumental metal album that showcases his extraordinary talent. The self-titled album was released in December of 2016 and gives listeners a taste of his fast-paced, powerful, and surprisingly upbeat guitar skills. Joined by Jacob Cramer (drums/percussion programming) and Stewart Hidalgo (bass), Chanway’s album will easily grab the attention of metalheads and music aficionados alike.

The album contains six tracks, each one a unique take on progressive metal. While the lack of vocals can sometimes make these tracks feel a bit repetitive, the album is still impressive in scope and proficiency. The first track, “Evidence of the Arcane”, throws the listener headfirst into Chanway’s metal world. With lightning-fast guitar riffs, powerful percussion, and an orchestra-like sound, it’s clear that Chanway knows what he’s doing. The songs sound somewhat similar; it would be refreshing to hear some more experimentation on this album. “The Receiver of Wisdom” sounds a lot like the first track and almost feels like a continuation. Chanway’s guitar riffs change just enough that it’s clear it’s a new track, but it’s not quite distinct enough to be a standout song.

For being only six tracks, Chanway delivers an impressive first album. It stays true to the genre, but the album lacks variety. It’s clear that Chanway can play the guitar amazingly well, but it would be great to see more from him that proves more than just his competency. With Chanway as the guitarist, it’s no doubt that Assimilation’s new album (due in March of 2017) will be just as passionate and exciting as this self-titled record.

Chanway lives in Vancouver where he works on multiple metal projects and teaches guitar.

Stream the album here:

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