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Asking Alexandria Show NYC They’re Still Reckless & Relentless

Asking Alexandria The Resurrection Tour

Many bands go through trials and tribulations – it’s just part of the journey. Asking Alexandria are not immune to that but you know what they say: it’s not about how you fall, it’s how you get up! For arguably the most popular and successful act on Sumerian Records, that’s exactly what this tour is about. Asking Alexandria has been out on the road in support of their new album, which is simply self-titled, on the tour dubbed The Resurrection Tour, which is fitting considering all the band has endured. The album, released on December 15th, 2017 and can be found HERE, finds the band back with original singer Danny Worsnop after a brief separation due to differences in musical direction.


Last year the band played a string of shows with Worsnop and then went radio silent, leaving fans wondering what would become of Asking Alexandria. In summer of 2017 the band started releasing teasers in the studio; guitarist Ben Bruce and vocalist Danny Worsnop finally broke the news the band would release a new album. Fans rejoiced as the band was once again whole but many wondered what the bands sound would become. They released their single “Into the Fire” which finds the band going down a hard rock route with impressive singing by Worsnop and a damn catchy chorus. The album although an evolution in sound for the band, it feels as if they’ve finally found their sound. The album marks not only a triumphant return but also their truest breakout into the Hard Rock world.

When the band announced they were heading out on the road with Crown The Empire, I had to make my way to see this show just to catch Worsnop back in the mix. I genuinely enjoyed the newest album but I also felt curiosity. Does Asking Alexandria still have it? Let’s see!


I made my way out to the New York City show on a chilly Thursday night in the heart of the city’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. As I ventured to the venue Terminal 5, which is a three level venue perfect for a club night or rave, I was immediately struck by the sight of thousands of fans stretched down 56th street. The venue holds about 3,000 people and by the looks of the street, they all arrived early. At least I wasn’t the only one excited and curious about this tour.  I made my way through the security check and was headed in for the moment of truth!


First up to take the stage around 6:30PM was Dallas, Texas’ own Crown The Empire, a band once a six piece now consist of four members.


Vocalist Andy Leo, guitarist Brandon Hoover, bassist Hayden Tree, and drummer Brent Taddie took the stage to a packed crowd and ready to warm the nights audience up for AA.


The band began their set with the song “Zero” from their 2016 album Retrograde. The performance featured some of the best lighting I’ve seen from a show opener and a ton of energy. Vocalist Andy Leo interacted well with the crowd and were really on point with their sound and performance.


The band who received a ton of love from the New York crowd played for about 35 minutes and the setlist included song’s like “Memories of a Broken Heart”, “Voices” and “Machines”.


Loud bass drops and fans singing along rumbled through the venue, and by the time it was over they left with a huge ovation from the clearly excited crowd.


Asking Alexandria were up next and set to take the stage at 7:30 p.m. As the tour crew prepared the stage, fans could be seen ready to burst with excitement. The crowd packed with fans from the new album all the way up to the diehard originals packed in tight against the rail; talking to fans on the barricade some were at the venue as early as 10AM!!! 


The lights dimmed and the crowd erupted with screams as Ben Bruce, Danny Worsnop, and company made their way into the stage lights it was the moment of truth. Asking began their set with the single “Into the Fire,” which featured the crowd singing along to the songs chorus.


Bright lights and blast from the smoke shooters filled the stage as the band energetically moved around every inch of the stage while guitarist Ben Bruce and bassist Sam Bettley could be seen interacting and smiling ear to ear. Asking gave a taste of their older heavy days with songs like “To the Stage” and “Not The American Average” before showing off their softer side with acoustic tracks “Someone, Somewhere” and “Vultures.” The show features a wide range of songs both old and new.


I found the show to be a great balance and my biggest question was answered; do they still have it? The answer… ABSOLUTELY!!! Worsnop and company through everything have not missed a beat. In fact I really felt Danny Worsnop’s voice is the best it’s ever been and the band sounds tighter than ever before. The guys are clearly back at it and doing it better than before. Other songs from the set included “Run Free,” “A Prophecy,” and encores “Moving On” and “The Death of Me.” If you’re a fan of the band, I highly recommend catching this show and even if you’re there for Crown The Empire, I suggest you stick around.


The Resurrection Tour continues rolling across the U.S before wrapping up on March 2nd at The House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV. Asking Alexandria will be hitting the festival circuit this spring and summer, catch them at Welcome To Rockville, Carolina Rebellion, Northern Invasion and Rock on the Range just to name a few. 

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