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Around Town: The Local Beat #10

The Local Beat #10

Hello music lovers! Welcome to this week’s edition of The Local Beat, a new weekly column here on Shutter 16 magazine. The staff here at Shutter 16 is committed to bringing you all the latest information on the local and indie music scene, including must-see shows, exclusive interviews, new music, reviews, and tons more.  Here in the Carolinas, we are lucky enough to live in an area where the local music scene is not only thriving but growing by leaps and bounds. The Local Beat is our way of showcasing the amazing talent right here in our own backyards. So let’s get to it.

This Week’s Rising Star


This week’s rising star honors go to North Carolina singer-songwriter Logan Hefner. From his small-town upbringing in Lincolnton, NC to his college days at Appalachian State, Hefner is a breath of fresh air. His music allows him to express himself in ways that he never could simply through the spoken word and his passion for his craft shines through in everything that he does. Logan recently released his latest EP Hums which is a terrific blend of pop-rock songs that pull at your heartstrings giving them a real Americana feel to them. From the very first notes of “Signal Fire,” one becomes hooked on the raw emotions that exude from each and every breath Hefner takes. His vocals are impeccable, full of all the despair and grief of having a broken heart, allowing the listener to connect on a personal level. This is truly where Hefner shines the brightest. His ability to wear his emotions on his sleeve makes him both believable and loveable. The upbeat feel of “Heart Upon My Sleeve” carries a danceable beat that also features some excellent horns and brilliantly done melodies. It’s easy to imagine hearing Hefner’s songs on pop-rock radio everywhere or even on the dance floor at your favorite club.  The grooves are inviting and undeniable on “Shelter” as you can imagine just hanging out with your special someone and enjoying each other’s company. “Fears” starts out with the feel of a haunting piano ballad, but actually picks up the pace several bars in, giving it a change of pace that was completely unexpected but lovely nevertheless. “Oceans” is what I am going to classify as a laid-back love song. The lyrics are poetic but the almost funky, island-like rhythms give the song a unique vibe to it, another bit of the pleasantly unexpected.

Hefner is currently finishing up his senior year at Appalachian State and although he is unsure of what his future path will be, it will definitely be something related to his music. He has already worked with one of the best in the Charlotte area with singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer Jason Scavone and has quite a few options open to him. Whatever path he chooses, I am confident that like his music, Logan will shine bright, and I wish him the best of luck. I am going to selfishly say that I hope his choice is to continue creating beautiful music for the rest of us to enjoy. Hefner’s talent is one of a kind and I look forward to what he comes up with next. Shutter 16 had the recent opportunity to chat with Logan and find out all the latest on the Hums EP and what things may be coming up around the corner. You can listen in to our interview in full at the link below.



Shows To Check Out This Week

Steel Standing Reunion Show at Amos’ Southend

Friday, April 12, 2019


This is the event everyone in the Charlotte rock community has been waiting for, the return of Steel Standing! It has already been rescheduled once, but the time is finally here. Do not miss your chance to check them out this Friday at Amos’ Southend and see local favorite Neil Jackson in action.  Opening up the show is Fear Until Fury and Swamp ‘78.

For more information,


Sam Burchfield with Pierce Edens at Free Range Brewing

Friday, April 12, 2019


Don’t miss the southern folk and soul of Atlanta artist Sam Burchfield this Friday at Free Range Brewing. With smooth as silk vocals that are full of soul and a great combination of funk, soul, rock, folk, and more, this is a performance you’ll definitely want to see. Hot of the heels of his lastest EP Unarmored, Burchfield is guaranteed to electrify.

For more information,


Carbon Leaf at Neighborhood Theatre

Saturday, April 13, 2019


The Richmond quintet Carbon Leaf will be bringing their special musical stylings to the Neighborhood Theatre this weekend. The band blends the best of rock, Celtic, folk, Americana, and bluegrass with beautiful vocal harmonies and authentic instrumentation. Enjoy the mandolin, accordion, pedal steel guitar, and even the penny whistle when Carbon Leaf comes to town.

For more information,


Opposite Box with Daryl Hance Powermuse at the Evening Muse

Saturday, April 13, 2019


If you’re looking for something a little different to take part in, check out the experimental rock of Opposite Box at the Evening Muse this Saturday. The Chatanooga band features a grooving blend of rock, jazz, funk, and prog and is known for their theatrical live shows that offer a bevy of exciting entertainment options. You may encounter guest musicians, a dazzling light show, circus performers, or more. The only way to find out is to be there so check this one out.

For more information,


Rock to a Cure at The Comet Grill

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Want to get your rock on for a great cause? Come out to the Comet Grill beginning at noon on Sunday for twelve hours of live music and a silent auction. This is the 8th annual event and proceeds go to the Levine Cancer Institute.

For more information,

Tour Bus Trivia

Tour Bus Trivia is a fun segment during which we here at Shutter 16 get to ask fun questions from one of our local artists. It’s kind of like a quiz show, except the questions are easy and often silly, and unfortunately, there are no prizes.  For this week’s installment, North Carolina singer-songwriter Logan Hefner was kind enough to play along. Take a quick listen to find out what he had to say.


If your band would like to be considered for inclusion in The Local Beat or if you have a show or other music news that you would love us to know about, please send us an email at or you can reach out to our man, or in this case, woman on the scene, photojournalist Kris Engelhart at If you’re at a show don’t forget to tag those pics with #twitfromthepit so we can all share the local love.

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