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Architects Bring A Masterpiece Performance to Philadelphia

For the past decade the UK based Architects has been challenging the world around them. The band has pushed boundaries both by progressive thinking and redefining their genre. Their goal to leave the world, the art they created, and bring conversation to those who listen, the Sussex based quintet are not the band to settle but rather challenge the thought process and leave their mark on the world!

In 2009 the game changed when Architects (Epitaph Records) released Hollow Crown. They became a band with unparalleled technical ability and vision, who could change a generation. On the band’s sixth album Lost Forever//Lost Together, which was released in 2014. The band found themselves unfiltered and unapologetically speaking out against the events that plagued our world. No topic whether it be political corruption or climate disaster was safe, the band was clear to call out our population and its flaws. The album even received a gong award from Kerrang Magazine for best album and found themselves playing some of the largest shows of their career!


In October 2015 the band returned to Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden and within seven weeks All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us would take shape. The album, by far the heaviest and darkest work, asked human questions, whether they be personal or political questions, the band takes a good hard look at the disillusionment of society as a whole. This makes Architects a different kind of band and one that’s goal is to make a difference without worrying about what the mainstream aspects of the genre feels about it.

The album’s theme and feeling in many ways contemplates death, religion, and God while still maintaining an underlying message of hope for humanity. I highly recommend the album and if you don’t already own, it you can get it right here.


The band’s vocalist Sam Carter not only attempts to make a difference through his music, he is also an ambassador for ocean preservation charity Sea Shepard. The charity also regularly sends representatives on the band’s tour to raise awareness for the cause.

These are the many reasons when word got out that Architects was heading out on tour in the states I had to see the band live for myself. I’ve heard praise for years regarding their live show and as much as I’m a fan of the bands music and message, I hadn’t had the opportunity to catch them in the flesh. Until now!

The guys are currently out on the road in support of All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us and they have brought Stick To Your Guns and Counterparts to pound the American and Canadian pavement with them!


It’s Friday night and here I was crossing the border of New Jersey and heading into the city of brotherly love. I arrived to the Theater Of Living Arts more excited for this show then I’ve been in as long as I could remember, fans lined the city’s South Street filling in for the nights show. Immediately the vibe in the venue was different then any metal show I’ve been to there was a huge positive energy around the room.

As Stick To Your Guns made their way to the stage the roars from the crowd began, the message of the night? Hope and gratitude, two emotions I feel should be further explored in the live music world. The band as energetic as ever frontman Jesse Barnett jumps to the barricade at the start of the opening song “Married To The Noise” to join the fans in the front row, while guitarist’s Josh James and Chris Rawson do synced jumps on stage.


The band rolled through songs like “Nobody” and “Empty Heads” in which singer Barnett told the crowd, “We need to be communicating with each other, and see each other’s perspective.” Barnett’s thought provoking messages were met with crowd approval and really made a mark in setting the tone for the night. The band continued with an impressive performance of the setlist which included “Such Pain,” “Doomed By You,” and “Against Them All.” Jesse and the band thanked the crowd for their time and their ears again something so rarely seen.


The big spectacle of the night would however come in what I can only describe as a flawless performance. Architects began their set pitch black as the members made their way to the stage, as the opening sounds of the first song of the night “A Match Made In Heaven” began when the song kicked in so did the insanity of the lights.


What seemed to be a light source shooting across every part of the stage and the front house lights off, silhouettes were all that can be seen. The crowd began singing and the pits and crowd surfing began. I was amazed by how the bands spirit had so quickly rubbed off on the fans, Architects managed to create a fun and safe space. Through the night you can look to your left and to your right and see fans watching out for each other, even the crowd surfers weren’t being tossed across the crowd but rather being floated to the front. Frontman Sam Carter and his bandmates have always been vocal regarding the expectations they have for fans to respect and help each other and they do.


It seems Architects have built an unwavering bond with their fans, a bond taken seriously by both parties. Songs like “Naysayer” and “Gravity” had fans singing along and even fans being carried through the air in a way of getting close enough to connect directly with Carter. The band’s sound is flawless and the sonic undertones mix with the lights to create and out of this world environment. The show is less performance and more of a one of a kind experience. The sight of a phoneless crowd let me know that these people didn’t want to relive this experience the next day on a five inch screen they were in the moment, Architects quite literally captivated their audience!


The shows setlist is made up of 15 songs which include “Phantom Fear,” “Nihilist,” and the ever powerful “Doomsday.” Just before the encore and final song of the night “Gone With The Wind,” vocalist Sam Carter expresses his gratitude to the crowd for being their and caring about the bands message. Carter goes on to say “None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for one person who can’t be with us”, Carter speaking of the bands songwriter, guitarist and twin brother of the bands drummer Dan Searle. Tom Searle tragically passed away in 2016 after a 3 year battle with cancer. Carter continues to say, “We talk about this because it’s important you all realize what an amazing human being Tom was.”

The crowd began clapping and chant’s of “Tom, Tom, Tom” began ringing throughout the venue. The band clearly moved by the crowds love and respect for the bands fallen brother is just another way of seeing what an amazing bond and connection the fans and band members have with each other. The band then went on to perform their final song of the night “Gone With The Wind,” which is a dedication to Tom. The song’s lyrics feature the line “A sickness with no remedy” a line sung loudly from the crowd.


I can’t stress enough how much of a masterpiece this show was. The band is incredible live and the energy from Architects and their fans is amazing and inspiring. I was left wanting to see the show over and over, something that is not so easy for me to feel. The creativeness, message behind the music, and that they actually practice what they preach is another reason to love them. This is with all certainty a show that left me thinking and, even more important, feeling!!! I highly recommend if this show is coming within a drivable radius of your hometown, you go and experience it! It’s not just another concert, it’s a one of a kind experience that if it doesn’t leave you feeling anything you might be dead on the inside.


The tour will hit pretty much every major market and some in between throughout the U.S and Canada runs through February and into March before wrapping up at The Masquerade in Atlanta on March 16th. Checkout the full list of dates below and you can purchase tickets to any of the shows HERE!


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Date City Venue Country Tickets
02/14/18 Millvale, Pennsylvania Mr. Small’s Theatre United States Buy Tickets
02/15/18 Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore Soundstage United States Buy Tickets
02/16/18 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Theatre Of Living Arts United States Buy Tickets
02/17/18 New York, New York Playstation Theater United States Buy Tickets
02/18/18 Worcester, MA The Palladium United States Buy Tickets
02/20/18 Cleveland, Ohio Agora Theatre & Ballroom United States Buy Tickets
02/21/18 Detroit, Michigan St. Andrew’s Hall United States Buy Tickets
02/22/18 Chicago, Illinois HOB United States Buy Tickets
02/23/18 Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Rave II United States Buy Tickets
02/24/18 Minneapolis, Minnesota First Avenue United States Buy Tickets
02/27/18 Edmonton Union Hall Canada Buy Tickets
02/28/18 Calgary The Palace Theatre Canada Buy Tickets
03/01/18 Vancouver Vogue Theatre Canada Buy Tickets
03/02/18 Seattle, Washington The Showbox United States Buy Tickets
03/03/18 Portland, Oregon Wonder Ballroom United States Buy Tickets
03/06/18 San Francisco, California The Regency Ballroom United States Buy Tickets
03/07/18 Los Angeles, California The Fonda Theatre United States Buy Tickets
03/08/18 Anaheim, California HOB United States Buy Tickets
03/10/18 Salt Lake City, Utah Metro Music Hall United States Buy Tickets
03/11/18 Denver The Summit Music Hall United States Buy Tickets
03/13/18 Dallas, Texas Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill United States Buy Tickets
03/14/18 San Antonio, Texas Alamo City Music Hall United Statesuy Tickets B
03/16/18 Atlanta, Georgia The Masquerade United States Buy Tickets


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