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Another Day Dawns- A Musical “Taste of Heaven”

Pennsylvania Rockers Absolutely Nail It With New EP Stranger

Hold on to your hats boys and girls! Things are about to get crazy as Pennsylvania rockers Another Day Dawns have recently released their EP Stranger and it just may be the best thing you’ll hear all year. 

The band got their start way back in 2010 in Leighton, Pennsylvania with drummer Nick McGeehan and guitarist Tyler Ritter.  With the addition of Dakota Sean on lead vocals, Another Day Dawns was primed and ready for the next step in their musical journey. The band got their first big break in 2016 from a chance encounter at a local music conference where they were introduced to Grammy-nominated engineer and producer David Ivory. Ivory is known for his work with bands like Halestorm and Silvertide and would release the band’s debut single “Love She’s After” on his own label Flexitone Records in early 2017.  They have since toured with the likes of Avatar, Buckcherry, and Hinder and found themselves with a key spot on the 2019 Beautiful Oblivion Tour opening up the evening for headlining band Issues. 

2020 is shaping up to be “the” year for Another Day Dawns with the release of their latest music, Stranger. The EP features five original tracks with everything from adrenaline-fueled rockers to sway to the music ballads. Produced by Joe Rickard (Red, Starset, Joyous Wolf), Stranger was recorded at the world-acclaimed Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, Tennessee.  “Beautiful/Suicide” kicks things off and quickly grabs your attention with its thundering drums and heavy riffs. The galloping pace drives the song home and provides the perfect backbone for Dakota’s vocals.  “Am I” is another rocker with some superb transitions throughout that pull you along for the ride. The lead single “Taste of Heaven” is the real deal and is already garnering the band serious attention and much-needed radio airplay. The mid-tempo rocker has a great vibe to it with a real blues-rock feel and a down and dirty groove that simply can not be denied. I really love what they have done with this song and it is a great showcase for not only Dakota’s vocals but Ritter’s guitar and McGeehan’s drums as well.  Watch for this one to be a serious “song of the year” contender down the road. Yes, it’s that good. Changing things up is the softer, acoustic feel to the ballad “Never Okay.” The vocals are poignant and somewhat haunting and a little more than halfway through the pace picks up with a frenzy of guitar before transitioning back again. Closing out the record is “Forget Me Not,” a tune with a full metal assault complete with the requisite dirty screams but also packing one hell of a melodic punch. 

It’s hard to believe that Another Day Dawns is still unsigned as they truly are a complete package. Look for huge things from them in 2020 and beyond.

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