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An intimate evening with Jimmy Gnecco & LEEDS

An intimate evening with Jimmy Gnecco & LEEDS

Two of music’s most underrated artists, Jimmy Gnecco and Royston Langdon recently kicked off their co-headlining Someone to Die For tour, hitting 25 cities across the U.S. & Canada, and us folks here in Charlotte were fortunate enough to be graced with their presence along the way.

When I arrived at The Evening Muse, the intimate venue was already filling up, with only a handful of seats left up for grabs. I quickly downed a Jack & Coke as part of my usual pre-show ritual and found a spot beside the stage where I wouldn’t disrupt the view of the seated audience while capturing the night.


Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Royston Langdon would soon kick off the evening. Some of you may remember him as the former lead singer of the British rock band Spacehog.


Langdon is touring in support of his debut solo LP, titled Everything’s Dandy, which he released last spring under his new moniker LEEDS – a nod to his hometown.


When Langdon took the stage, his soaring vocals filled the air, captivating the crowd as he began to deliver his powerful performance.


He played a variety of songs from his new album such as “What Became of The People” while alternating back and forth between his piano and guitar throughout his set which of course would not have been complete without taking us on a nostalgic trip back to the mid 90’s with a few acoustic renditions of Spacehog’s crowd pleasing hits like “In the Meantime” and “Zeroes.” The delighted audience were no strangers to his tunes as I noticed several members singing along to almost every heartfelt lyric.

Jimmy Gnecco(14)

Next up was Jimmy Gnecco. Hailing from New Jersey, Gnecco is the frontman for the alt-rock band OURS who recently released their sixth studio album New Age Heroine II back in November which he wrote, recorded, and produced himself. As well as a solo artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Gnecco is best known for his multi-octave vocal range and beautiful dynamic singing style.

Jimmy Gnecco(13)

Gnecco made his way to the stage clutching his acoustic guitar and opened his set with “Red Colored Stars” a number from OURS second album Precious. As the song came to an end, a member of the audience jokingly belted out “HE’S STILL GOT IT!” Jimmy then warned the audience that he had drank a little too much tequila the night before and as a result, his voice may not be up to par. He then went on to play “Here Is The Light” another OURS song from their debut album Distorted Lullabies that I have probably listened to a hundred times or more, but still it gave me chills.

Jimmy Gnecco

During OURS formative days, Gnecco struck up a friendship with Jeff Buckley, one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all-time, who would become a major influence and mentor to him. Being the huge Buckley fan that I am, there are very few artists that I feel are truly comparable to him. Jimmy Gnecco is definitely one of those, if not THE one, but that’s just my admittedly biased opinion. While Gnecco has a style and sound of his own, I feel that at times there are bits of Jeff that live on through his voice, and it is absolutely breathtaking.

Jimmy Gnecco(22)

As the all acoustic set comprised of songs both old and new continued, Gnecco invited Langdon back on stage to join him for a lovely rendition of David Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes.” He was also accompanied by OURS keyboardist April Bauer, along with several local friends and artists from the audience throughout the night for songs such as “The Mistress” and “Starman” – another tribute to the late great Bowie. Unfortunately the show was set to come to an end at 10pm due to a noise curfew, but Gnecco was given the OK to play one more song and per the audience’s request he wrapped up the night with “Ran Away To Tell The World.”

Jimmy Gnecco(17)

I could ramble on and on about what a special treat this show was, but there really aren’t enough words to truly express the level of talent these two stellar artists have. From the deep baritones and strong falsettos, to the soul stirring lyrics and melodies. I think I can speak for the everyone in the room when I say that I could have stayed and listened to them play all night. Do yourself a favor and catch them in a city near you!

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Jimmy Gnecco Setlist Evening Muse, Charlotte, NC, USA 2019

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