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America’s favorite multi-talent Victor Wooten plays the QC

America’s favorite multi-talent Victor Wooten plays the QC

Photos by: Ricky Thigpen

America’s favorite bass player, composer, author, producer, educator, and five-time Grammy Award winner Victor Wooten (sorry for the long-winded intro) made a stop at the Queen City’s Neighborhood Theatre, and it was a bucket-list kind of show.

Victor Wooten-9300

Jazz king Brian Culbertson stepped on stage to kick start of the show, most likely to promote his upcoming show at the McGlogan theatre, but it was special nonetheless.

Victor Wooten-9338

Though Wooten’s set consisted of all funky covers, the show was spectacular in itself; who wouldn’t want two hours with a complete living legend?

Victor Wooten-9144

A comedic legend on the percussion, with Sinbad thumping up a storm!

Victor Wooten-9140

Even better than Culbterson’s cameo was a bass-playing duel between Wooten and a fellow bandmate. Lotsa thumpin’, lotsa groovin’.

Victor Wooten-9356

The short, two hour set was over too soon, though it led to a generous meet and greet inside the theatre.

Victor Wooten-9216

You too can catch one of the world’s most talented musicians as he tours through the rest of May, stopping in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Kentucky! Tour dates and tickets can be found here!

Victor Wooten-9266

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Catch the tour:

Victor Wooten-9228

Tomorrow 8 PM137 guests
Orlando, FL
Sat 8 PM750 guests
Atlanta, GA
Sun 12 AM CDT9 guests
Chillicothe, IL
Lexington, KY
Rome, Italy
Wed 8 PM UTC+012,250 guests
Budapest, Hungary


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